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Here’s How to Convert MSG to PDF Format in 2024

Shaks George ~ Modified: May 10th, 2024 ~ Convert ~ 7 Minutes Reading

Microsoft Outlook produced or saved email messages, contacts, appointments, or tasks in the MSG file format, which stands for Outlook Message Storage. It saves all of the email message’s content, including all attachments. In this article, we will discuss how to Convert MSG files to PDF format with complete attachments.

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Benefits of Bulk MSG to PDF Conversion

Typically, Outlook is the main email client used by many businesses to manage their email service. As a result, IT administrators employ MSG and EML files to archive data for an organization or as part of their email retention strategy. Additionally, the best file format for storing email client data for later usage is PDF because it is versatile and not device-independent. and so forth, which we shall cover later.

Converting MSG files to solely PDF file types has several advantages. Below are a few of the most prevalent and important advantages. All these advantages you will get if you want to Convert MSG Files to PDF.

  • Portable Document File, or PDF, is a safe and secure file type that is simple to distribute and save.
  • The Outlook program is the only way to open and view MSG files. It is not necessary to install any additional software to open PDF files.
  • In addition, all data contained in the MSG file is securely stored in PDF with full data quality management.

Now that we have cleared how the MSG to PDF conversion benefits users, let’s learn how to convert MSG to PDF with attachments immediately.

Save MSG as a PDF Using MS Outlook Directly

The manual approach in this method is dependent upon the demands of the user. Any of the approaches that work best for your situation can be chosen. Here, we’ll go through the two best methods for using Outlook to convert MSG files to PDF files.

  • Double-click your MSG file to open it in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Then, open the Outlook inspector window, select File, “Save as,” and then select HTML File from the list of available file types.
  • Now, open it in Microsoft Word and save the file as a PDF.

Please take note that only MS Word 2007 and later versions support this export capability.

Limitations Associated with this Manual Procedure

  • For users to open the MSG file, MS Outlook must be installed.
  • MSG file conversion to HTML file, followed by PDF file conversion.
  • Users must modify, organize, or move the data from MSG files in MS Word.
  • The files’ text and image structures were broken.
  • The time-consuming, lengthy, and complex procedure.
  • Users can only execute the procedure in a single file, batch files are not suitable.

Utilize Outlook’s Microsoft Print to PDF feature

Outlook had to be opened to use this convert MSG Files to PDF technique. Then, begin the procedure by choosing File > Print > “Microsoft Print to PDF” as the printer choice.

In addition, PDF files may be exported from the attachments (if any). Make sure this option is turned on in the “Print Options” section. It’s vital to keep in mind that this method only works with Windows 10 and Windows 11, not the earlier Windows OS versions.

Outlook print to pdf feature

Limitations Associated with this Manual Approach

  • You must install the Microsoft Outlook program on your computer in order to use this method.
  • Can only convert MSG files to PDF a single email file from MSG to PDF.
  • Batch MSG to PDF conversion with attachments not working.

Use the Professional MSG to PDF Converter Tool

With this technique, you can effortlessly convert Outlook MSG files into PDF files without using Outlook or any other Outlook application by utilizing the Corbett MSG File Converter.

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The ability to bulk convert MSG files to PDF file without changing any file data is the finest feature of this program. Additionally, this tool is free from any email client dependency, thus, you can open MSG files without installing MS Outlook. With this program, you may open and examine Outlook MSG files in a variety of preview modes as well as convert MSG to other file formats including EML, MBOX, PDF, HTML, and CSV.

Steps to Convert MSG to PDF Format in Bulk Mode

  • Step 1.) Launch the app after downloading it for free, then click the Open option to view the dropdown menu.
    Download MSG to PDF Converter Tool
  • Step 2.) To add the files, click on the Email Data files, and then select MSG File from the list of available file types.
    select msg files
  • Step 3.) The MSG file is then uploaded into the tool’s preview screen by selecting one of the file or folder choices. also, preview the uploaded MSG files in the preview modes.
    preview msg file
  • Step 4.) Press the Export button to change the MSG file’s format to PDF. Likewise, choose PDF as the preferred file type.
    convert msg to pdf
  • Step 5.) Once you have enabled the advanced settings as necessary, the program will open the PDF Export Options box, where you may start the process by clicking the Save button.
    convert msg to pdf
  • Step 6.) After the batch conversion of MSG to PDF is completed, the tool will provide you with an Open folder button to view the restaurant file.

Benefits of Using the Tool to Convert MSG Files to PDF File

  • Batch MSG to PDF Conversion: You may easily store your batch-converted MSG Files to PDF file format by selecting the target place from the location option in the PDF Export Options.
  • Exclude MSG File Email Header: Using this tool, you may exclude the From, Sent, To, and Subject lines from MSG File emails. All of your MSG file headers might be deleted while you convert MSG to PDF.
  • Include MSG File Properties: You also have the choice to omit or include MSG file properties in the PDF file, which is a more sophisticated feature.
  • Display Page Numbers: During bulk conversion, this MSG to PDF Converter gives you a page number function. Additionally, if you wish to include page numbers in the converted .pdf files, you may enable this functionality.
  • Save Attachments in Folder: You may store MSG file attachments in a folder using the said option without affecting the attachment’s quality. The email attachments you get will be identical to those in the MSG file.
  • Set Preferred Destination: Users have the choice to select a designated route for PDF attachments if they choose to use relative paths. You can save the converted MSG File to PDF with attachments to the exact relative location by turning on this option.
  • File Naming Option: Using this option, you can change your batch’s naming conventions for MSG files to PDF files, including the original file name, the subject, the from-subject, the from-date-subject, the year, month, day, hour, minute, and second subjects, message-autoincrement and custom naming.
  • Advanced Email Filter Search Option: Depending on your requirements, you may additionally filter the MSG files using the advanced email search option by Date, Time, To, From, Subject, and other data fields.

So There You Have It

The MSG File to PDF File Converter makes it easier and simpler to rapidly create safe PDF files from all types of bulk MSG files. Along with that, it integrates seamlessly with your Windows OS and has a minimal, straightforward interface. This utility is unique because it doesn’t require Outlook or any other supplementary software. During the conversion, all of the data in your MSG file is completely preserved. Therefore, numerous technical experts recommend users Convert MSG to PDF by using the above-mentioned automated method.

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