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Know How to Export 1&1 Emails to Office 365 [ Best Solution]

Jared Young ~ Modified: September 24th, 2021 ~ Export ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Are you looking to export 1&1 emails to Office 365? What are the reasons for export to first begin with a brief of each email application and then go ahead with the possible methods!!


1&1 email application is the oldest service provider which comes with integrated services for the users. It includes the services such as domain registration, web hosting, website builder etc. It came into being in 1988 in Germany and extended its services to Mexico City in 2013.

1&1 email web application provides easy accessibility with emails and other integrated services as far as internet connectivity is there. However, the 1&1 email application has certain limitations like complex user interface and constant power outages & disruptions. Such reasons compel the users to export 1&1 emails to Office 365.

Office 365 is a web enabled client application. It provides Cloud storage, Share Point for collaboration, automatic updates, user friendly interface, business applications and easy accessibility to the emails anywhere and at any time with just an internet connection. Due to such reasons the users are looking to export 1&1 emails to Office 365.

Professional Method to Export 1&1 Emails to Office 365

The Corbett Software provides the IMAP Email Migration Tool which is robust and adept in exporting the emails from 1&1 email application to Office 365.

This converter application is able to convert your email files into different Outlook formats such as PST, MBOX, EML, etc. This Software is supported by desktop based application like MBOX, PST,  Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Window Live Mail. 

Steps to Export 1&1 Emails

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Following are the steps to export 1&1 emails to Office 365

  • Install and Launch the software.
  • Open the software window.
  • Go to ‘Open’ tab, select ‘Email accounts’ and click on ‘Add Account’ option.
  • Add Email Account’ window will get opened where you need to enter the credentials of 1&1 email application. The credentials include email id and password. Then, click on ‘Add’ button.
  • Go to ‘Export’ tab, select ‘Email Services’ as ‘Office 365’.
  • In the ‘Office 365 Export Options’ window, enter the email address and password of the Office 365 account.
  • Click on ‘Save’ button located on the top right corner of the software window. By doing so, the export process will begin. Once, the export is successful then the message is displayed as ‘Messages have been exported successfully’. Now, you can click on the ‘Open Office 365’ option corresponding to the message and check the exported email files.

Prominent Features of Professional Method

  • It allows to export the multiple emails from 1&1 email application to Office 365 without any hassles.
  • The files structure and folders hierarchy remains intact without affecting the original form.
  • The email properties does not get changed after the export process gets completed.
  • There is no limitation on file size and the amount of files to be exported.
  • It ensures complete data integrity without any loss of data during the export process.
  • The selective email folders can be exported without any hassles.
  • It allows to convert the emails from 1&1 email application to other file formats like EML, MBOX etc.
  • The complete export of data takes place without losing even a single file.

Export 1&1 Emails to Office365 Manually

There is as such no direct manual method to export emails from 1&1 email application to Office 365.


It provides the saving option to download an email into EML format with just few simple steps. Whereas to export them into Office 365, they need to be converted into PST format which is an acceptable format by Office 365.


Some Drawbacks of Manual Method

  • Tedious, lengthy and monotonous.
  • It is a time-consuming process.
  • Does not ensures complete data integrity.
  • There are the chances of data loss during the export process.
  • There is a possibility that the email properties might get affected.

Final Thoughts

In this blog, a brief of both the email applications – 1&1 email and Office 365 have been discussed and the possible methods have been explained along with the prominent features of the best method to export 1&1 emails to office 365. Here, the automated method is the most preferred tool as it is professional, trusted, reliable and ensures the complete data integrity without any data loss.

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