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Learn How to Export Emails from Postbox to Office 365?

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Are you finding the best and simplest ways to migrate Postbox to Office 365 account without affecting the data integrity? Postbox is one such desktop-based email client, which does a great job in managing the mailbox data on your local computer. Well, as it is a platform-based email client, it gets impossible for users to get access to the mails everywhere.

Microsoft Office 365 is a service that enables people to get access to their data no matter in which corner of the world they are. This service provides us with ultimate features, that differentiates it from other email services

Why Migrate Emails from Postbox to MS Office 365 Account?

There must be some great reasons that users often go for migrating emails from Postbox to Office 365. Take a look at the given features of Microsoft Office 265

  • Office 365 offers more updates and features: Office 365 offers various features, including management of mailbox data, faster connection, scheduling invitations, and meetings, etc.
  • Platform Dependency is not there: Most users go for Office 365 instead of Postbox because it does not want you to just have one device. It is a cloud-based platform that gives users the ability to access their emails from wherever they want to
  • Handles a large amount of data: In case your organization works with large-sized data, it might be a little daunting to arrange them effectively. With the help of Office 365, you will be able to store bulk data without any storage space issues.
  • Enhances workspace efficiency: If your organization needs you to shift from one device to another, again and again, Office 365 can be quite helpful for you

How to Import Postbox Emails to Office 365?

Well, now you are aware of the perks involved in using a cloud-based platform like Office 365, you should look at the procedure to transfer Postbox to Office 365. Transfer can be done with the help of a manual method but there are certain limitations associated with it

Shift Emails from Postbox to Office 365 – Manual Method Limitations

  • The first requirement is that you need to be a technical expert for the migration process
  • Time, as well as resources, are required
  • You will not be able to convert a large amount of data
  • You might not get precise and accurate results because of the manual process
  • There are high chances of data loss

Convert Emails from Postbox to Office 365 – Automated Method (Recommended)

Postbox to office 365 migration can be a very annoying task in case you are not having the right tools. Even if the thought of migration is coming into your head, then make sure you go for one of the best tools available in the market, named Corbett Email Backup and Restore Wizard. With the help of this tool, the migration process will be done with the least hassles.

Are you worried about your lack of knowledge in technicalities? Well, congratulations, as this Email Migration Tool is not something that needs you to be an expert. You can use it even if you know nothing about technical things. So, when we have the right tool, let’s know how to do it:

A Quick Steps to Import Postbox Emails to Outlook 365

Follow the given step by step instructions to shift postbox emails to Outlook 356 without mistakes:

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Step 1: In the very first stage, download Corbett Wizard in your system. Then, install it and open it

install the tool and click open
Step 2: Launch and Open. Then, you will be required to click on the ‘Open’ button on the top of the screen

click open
Step 3: Visit ‘Email accounts’ which is there. After that, you need to click on ‘Add Account’

email accounts > add account
Step 4: Provide the required details of your Postbox account. Below, you can find the ‘Advanced Settings’ option.

enter email account details
Step 5: There, you need to enter the IMAP server and finally tap on ‘Add.’

give IMAP details
Step 6: All the required files will be browsed by the software

enable compact view
Step 7: Eventually, hit the ‘Export’ button to export postbox to ‘Office 365’

export to office 365

Implementing all the above-mentioned steps properly can help you a lot when it comes to transferring Postbox emails to Office 365. One of the most amazing parts about using this software to get done with the migration process is that it does not leave any errors behind and works perfectly for you. You can also read Postbox to PST Converter – Export Emails from Postbox to Outlook

Why We Choose This Software to Transfer Postbox Emails to Office 365

  • This tool helps you convert data easily within less time
  • The tool ensures that no data gets lost while the migration process is going on
  •  Migrating Postbox emails to Office 365 this tool ensures selective data migration
  • This tool gives you full security in the exporting process
  • You can export emails without data loss and glitches free

Author’s Suggestion

This blog might have helped you in understanding the relevance of exporting your data from Postbox to Office 365 and how you can do it effectively. However, there are both manual and automated approaches. It is always suggested to pick the automated approach because it is free from glitches and data loss.

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