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How to Export Lycos Emails to Office 365 – Best IT Verified Solution

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Are you tracking down the best and most straightforward approaches to Export Lycos Emails to Office 365 data without infecting the information respectability? Lycos is one such desktop-based email client, which works hard in dealing with the Lycos information on your local PC. Indeed, as it is a platform-based email client, it gets unimaginable for clients to gain admittance to the sends all over the place.

Microsoft Office 365 is a service that empowers individuals to gain admittance to their data regardless of in which corner of the world they are. This service furnishes us with extreme features, that separate it from other email services

Why Migrate Emails from Lycos to MS Office 365 With Reasons

Without genuine reasons users often choose to export Lycos emails to Office 365.

  • Office 365 provides new updates and benefits: Microsoft Office 365 provides users with great benefits and features, which include email data management, stronger connection, invitation and meeting scheduling, etc.
  • No reliance on the platform: Numerous users switch from Lycos emails to Office 365 due to its inability to function on multiple devices. As we all know that Microsoft Office 365 is an online platform that enables users to go through their emails irrespective of the device they are using.
  • Manages huge quantity of data: If you are a person working in an organization that generally deals with large-sized data, you might find it difficult to arrange them properly. MS Office 365 has the power to help you manage bulk data without any problem with storage.
  • Improves workspace efficiency: Some organizations make their employees shift their devices frequently. In such a case, Microsoft Office 365 can be of great help to move emails from Lycos to Office 365.

Office 365 benefits

Best Two Methods To Export Lycos Emails to Office 365

Both the methods have their own benefits and limitations. It’s totally up to you which method is the best suitable for you.

How to Import Emails from Lycos to Office 365?

Indeed, presently you know about the advantages engaged with utilizing a cloud-based stage like Microsoft Office 365, you should take a look at the technique to export Lycos emails to Office 365.

The move should be possible with the assistance of a manual strategy however there are sure impediments related to it

  • Restrictions of the manual strategy
  • The main prerequisite is that you should be a specialized master for the relocation interaction
  • Time, just as resources, are required for the manual way of migration
  • You won’t change over a lot of information
  • You probably won’t get exact outcomes due to the manual cycle
  • There are high odds of information misfortune

Move Emails from Lycos Mail to Office 365 – Manually for Free

Lycos Mail is an email service that permits you to configure your Lycos mail account using the POP or IMAP settings or any email client. The Lycos Mail to Outlook setup is sort of simple and straightforward if you follow the fast steps given below.

  • On your pc, launch Microsoft Outlook by double-clicking its route icon on the desktop.
  • Click the File menu out there in the top-left corner and select the data option from the left-side panel.
  • Press the Add Account button and enter your Lycos email account details like email address and password among the desired fields.
  • Click the subsequent button and look at Outlook to put together the Lycos Mail mechanically.
  • You have currently seen the Lycos Mail Outlook setup.
  • The Manual setup or further server varieties possibility and click on Next.

Transfer Lycos Emails to Microsoft Office 365 – Automated Technique

Lycos to Office 365 migration can be an irritating errand on the off chance that you are not having the right method. Regardless of whether the prospect of the process is coming into your head, then, at that point ensure you go for the best method accessible on the lookout.

With the assistance of this Smart Email Migration Application, the migration process will be finished with the least issues. Is it true that you are stressed over your absence of information in detail? All things considered, congrats, as this tool isn’t something that needs you to be a specialist.

You can utilize it regardless of whether you know anything about specialized things. In this way, when we have the right software, how about we get to know how to do it:

Perfect Steps to Export Lycos Emails to Office 365

Follow the given steps to migrate Lycos emails to Office 365 perfectly with the help of the automatic tool:

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1: Firstly, In the absolute first stage, download Corbett Wizard in your system. Then, at that point, install and Run it

transfer Lycos to Office 365
2: Launch and Open. Then, at that point, you will be needed to tap on the ‘Open’ button on the upper left of your screen

lycos to Office 365 account
3: Click on the ‘Email Accounts’ which is there and tap on ‘Add Account’

move Lycos emails to Office 365
4: And give the necessary information about your Lycos accounts such as your Email id and password. Below, you can track down the ‘Advanced Settings’ choice.

migrate Lycos emails to Office 365
5: There, you need to enter the IMAP server. You can also enable the ‘Find’ option to Autofill the details. Lastly, tap on ‘Add.’

transfer Lycos to Office 365
6: All the necessary files would be browsed by the software. Enable the Compact view option to see the important folders first.

how to export Lycos emails to Office 365
7: Eventually, you will be required to tap on the ‘Export’ catch to convert Lycos to ‘Office 365’

import Lycos emails to Office 365 account

Executing all the previously mentioned steps appropriately can help you to export Lycos emails to Office 365. Perhaps the most astounding part about utilizing this software to complete the process is that it doesn’t abandon any blunders and turns out impeccable for you.

Fundamental Features of the Email Migration Tool

  • The tool assists you with changing information from IMAP over to the IMAP server
  • It guarantees that no information gets lost while the conversion process is going on
  • This email migration tool guarantees selective information movement
  • Transformation can occur into various file formats, like EML, PST, MBOX, and so on
  • You can export emails based on size, type, or some other channel

Key Benefits of Lycos Email Backup Tool

The Professional Lycos Email Backup Tool offers you to backup unlimited Lycos email without the worry of limitations and file size. The tool provides you with multiple backup features and advantages in the export Lycos Emails to Office 365 procedure. You can easily backup emails with attachments, contacts, schedules, events, calendars, etc. Moreover, It also works in both the Old and New Windows Versions. Save Lycos emails into different file formats, document files, etc.

Author’s Suggestion

This blog may have helped you in understanding the pertinence of exporting your information from Lycos to Office 365 and how you can do it adequately. Notwithstanding, there are both manual and automated approaches. It is highly recommended to go with the automated method since it is cleared from glitches.

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