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Extract Attachments From Yahoo Mail in Bulk: Complete User Guide

Shaks George ~ Modified: May 5th, 2022 ~ How to ~ 5 Minutes Reading

If you are using Yahoo mail, you must be having various attachments associated with emails be it in the form of PDF, Excel, etc. In case you are looking for ways to extract attachments from Yahoo mail, then this blog will be the perfect guidance for you. Saving one attachment at a time can be done manually but when it comes to saving all the attachments at once, the manual approach does not work.

To resolve all your issues, we are here to help you with one powerful solution using which you can extract all attachments from yahoo mail. Yahoo was one of the most-used web services, which users can access on any device, be it a computer, Android, or iOS.

Every day, users get approximately thousands of emails and along with these emails, they get attachments as well. There are times that due to some reasons users wonder how to download all attachments from yahoo mail. And unfortunately, Yahoo does not allow its users to extract emails.

Let’s understand the process of extracting email attachments from Yahoo:

How to Download Attachments From Yahoo Mail?

If you want to know how to download all attachments from Yahoo Mail, Then you need to read this complete blog. Because in this blog we describe how many ways to save attachments from Yahoo mail. So, there are two approaches that you can go for:

There are two methods to extract all attachments from Yahoo mail smoothly. But manual method may benefital for downloading limited emails attachments from Yahoo mail.

Manual Approach to Extract Attachments from Yahoo Mail

The following are the steps involved in the free manual method for extracting all attachments locally.

1: Initially, you need to enter your Yahoo mail credentials and then log into the same

2: Find the email that has the attachment you want to extract

3: Tap on the attachment link available in the email and Yahoo mail will complete the scanning of the file if there is any virus

4: If the file does not contain any virus, Yahoo mail will show a pop-up saying ‘No virus detected.’

5: Hit the ‘Download Attachment’ button and you will see a file download dialog. Hit the ‘Save’ button so that it will create a copy of the attachment.

6: After the attachment gets saved on your desktop, you need to minimize each window and then click twice on the attachment to access it

7: Finally, the file is saved on your computer and your extract attachments from Yahoo mail process done.

Download Attachments from Yahoo Mail by Using a Tool

As we are aware of the complexities involved when it is about downloading more than one attachment at a time. So, doing it manually will not be possible. Hence, we have extraordinary software, which makes the process comparatively better and simple.

With the help of Corbett Email Attachment Extractor, you are not required to become a tech-savvy user or someone who is an expert in technicalities. All you need to know is the basics of computers to run them on your device because of their user-friendly nature.

4 Steps to Download Multiple Attachments From Yahoo Mail

Download and install the software in your Computer OS.

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1: Select the ‘Open’ folder from the top of your screen

select Open

2: After that, hit ‘Email Accounts’ and then ‘Add Account.’ Authenticate your Yahoo account by entering the email id and password. Also, provide the IMAP server

select email account

3: Finally click on ‘Add.’ Thereafter you can find some options on the top of your screen and you need to select ‘Extract’ out of them and then go-ahead. Choose ‘Attachments’ from the given options.

extract attachments from Yahoo Mail

4: Your files will be browsed by the software and then all you need to do is tap on the ‘Save’ button

select Save

Using this software does not need you to be a technical master but yes you need to implement the steps carefully. This tool can help you in the best possible ways. You can also read Guide to Transfer Yahoo Emails to Gmail Account.

Why Use Tool to Download Attachments From Yahoo Mail

There are various reasons why users need to use an automatic tool to save attachments from Yahoo mail in bulk. Look at some of them:

  • Irrespective of the size or type of attachment, the software extracts them all
  • You can select only selective folders from the mail data to download attachments from Yahoo emails
  • No risk of data loss during the Extract Attachments From Yahoo Mail process.
  • Guaranteed and 100% security with a simple user interface
  • Extract all types of files, be it PDF, Excel, Image, etc

Author’s Suggestion

In the above blog, we described all the method to extract attachments from Yahoo Mail directly. The manual method helps to download attachments from Yahoo Mail. The individual mails one by one whereas the automated tool gives a way to multiple selection and extraction of all attachments as per files, folders, and configured accounts.

The automated tool is the most preferred solution if you want to download the attachments of bulk mails otherwise you may go for the manual method to extract the limited attachments. So, we recommend you go ahead with this automated extract of all attachments from Yahoo Mail.