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How to Extract Attachments from OLM Files? Expert Guide [2024]

Jared Young ~ Modified: May 10th, 2024 ~ How to ~ 4 Minutes Reading
This article contains a step-by-step expert-curated guide on how to extract attachments from OLM files. Today, we will explore an automated solution recommended by numerous technical professionals to accomplish the task. Along with that, we will also discuss the advantages one gets when opting for the tool. So, if you have the same query, stick around and see how the expert solution is the best choice for extracting OLM file attachments.

What Is An OLM File?

OLM files are one of the Proprietary formats of MS Outlook for Mac OS. Similarly to any other file format, they store mailbox data items such as email messages, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, journals, etc. One thing to know about the OLM files is that they cannot be opened in the Windows version of the email client.

There are times when customers get various messages concerning two or three a couple really looks at regulating it. At last, these are regulated in an OLM file and they can’t find any response for extracting attachments from OLM files. There is a goliath heap of email messages and it’s senseless to go looking at each email and extract the attachments from them exclusively.

How Do I Extract Attachments from an OLM File? Use This Expert Utility

Extracting attachments from an OLM file can be a pretty hefty task if you do not have the appropriate technical insights for it. Worry not! We are here with the incredible Corbett Email Attachment Extractor to accomplish the task smoothly and efficiently.

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This astonishing utility is loaded with a plethora of advanced filters and features that add to the tool’s overall functionality and make the entire extraction experience smooth for users. It also includes a dedicated preview panel that displays different attributes of your uploaded OLM files. Moreover, the impeccable GUI of this tool is appreciated by both novice as well as technically sound users. In addition to that, you can install and launch this tool on all Windows computers as it is compatible with all versions.

Steps to Extract Attachments from OLM File

  • Step 1) Install and Run the OLM Attachment Extractor on your Windows OS computer.
    run the software
  • Step 2) On the upper left, you will go over a choice named open. Tap on that & go on.
    click open
  • Step 3) After that, you will see different choices out of which you need to tap on Email information files.
  • Step 4) Then, pick every one of them or uninhibitedly rely upon your essentials.
    upload data
  • Step 5) Then, on the upper left of your screen. You need to clock on Extract and start now and into the foreseeable future, then hit on attachments.
    browse and set a location path
  • Step 6) At last, you need to tap on the Save choice to finally acknowledge your work.

Congratulations! That’s all the steps to smoothly and securely extract attachments from your OLM files. In the following segment of this article, we will shed light on the top advantages you get when you opt for this tool to approach the extraction process.

Reasons Why You Should Choose The OLM Attachment Extractor

As mentioned above, this tool houses several filters and features that make it an appealing choice of solution for users. Let’s take a look at the benefits you get when opting for this software.

  • The tool offers impeccable security to users’ OLM data. It ensures protecting and maintaining 100% data integrity throughout the attachment extraction process. Along with that, it also maintains the original folder structure throughout the process.
  • It also offers two different search settings, namely, Quick Search and Advanced Search which you can use to filter out your uploaded OLM data based on specific keywords, date-range, or other email-related fields.
  • This software also provides several other options for you to execute on your uploaded OLM content. Along with attachments, you can also easily extract email addresses from OLM files, phone numbers, and many more.

Let’s wrap Up

In the above blog, we have discussed the solution to extract attachments from OLM files. This solution is a personal favorite of countless technical experts as it provides immaculate and reliable results. Along with the step-by-step procedure, we have also shared the advantages one gets by choosing this software. We hope this blog was the guide you were looking for to accomplish the OLM attachment extraction process.

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