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How to Extract Email Addresses from MailSpring?

Shaks George ~ Modified: June 17th, 2023 ~ How to ~ 4 Minutes Reading

There are numerous users you are currently seeking the best solution to extract email addresses from MailSpring. Some of them were tired of copying and saving the email addresses manually.

What if a user has a bulk of emails and wanted to extract their email addresses in bulk. There is no manual way to extract bulk email addresses from the MailSpring emails.

In this article, I am going to tell you the most reliable solution to extract the bulk email addresses from MailSpring without any hassle.

Read the entire blog and know what are the reasons and solutions to extract MailSpring email addresses in bulk without skipping any of the email addresses.

What are the Reasons for Extracting Email Addresses from the MailSpring?

  • There are multiple reasons along with the user’s query. Many of the MailBird users try the manual way and the process turned out tiring and frustrated.
  • No one can copy and paste bulk email addresses from the mail. similarly, No one has that much time to do the process by opening a one-by-one email.
  • Many users want the email addresses for business use and some of them to make their database.
  • In a situation, Where an employee takes the task of extracting email addresses from the MailSpring emails in bulk. In addition, without any data loss and a time restriction. What is he going to do in that type of situation?
  • That’s why in this blog we will describe to you the best and the most reliable solution with 100% security and guarantee of your data safety.
  • This automatic utility is tested and verified by plenty of experts and IT Admins. As a result, no other tool can beat this utility in comparison to simplicity, user-friendly, and many more.

How to Extract Email Addresses from the MailSpring Emails?

To extract bulk email addresses from the MailSpring account is a bit tiring process. You need some help to complete the process in a short period. Email Addresses Extractor Tool by Corbett Software helps you in the process without any hassle.

This tool provides you with an accurate and precise result. On the other hand,  there are plenty of advantages to using this utility and one more thing there is a free demo edition available for users. Anyone can download this tool from the Download Now button given below and start the process.

The graphical interface of this utility is as simple as you can see in the below tool’s screenshots. If you want to Save Mailspring Emails in a PDF format then you can read the linked article.

Perform the Steps to Extract MailSpring Email Addresses in Bulk

To perform the process you need to download the Email Addresses Extractor in your system.

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1. Firstly, select the Open option to view the other options

launch the tool and click open
2. Secondly, choose Desktop Email Clients Select MailSpring Accounts

3. You have to Choose the Folder or directly Configure the account in the tool

4. Hit the Extract option in the top menu bar and select Email Addresses

click extract and select email addresses
5. After that, start the process hit Save, and view the live export process.
6. Complete the above steps and extract your MailSpring Email Addresses in bulk. Above all, The process is as simple as mentioned in the above steps.

Advance Features of this Email Addresses Extractor Tool

  • Open Folder After Export Done: The tool provides you an enable option which is to Open the folder after the export is done. With this tool, you can easily view the exported folder after the process.
  • Browse Location: This feature is the most beneficial feature for the user to maintain their store data. You can easily save your Extracted Email Addresses wherever you want.
  • Extract from the Attachments: This Email Address Extractor Utility provides you a feature to extract email addresses from the Attachments.
  • Select Multiple Fields: Users can select fields to extract email addresses from To, Cc, From, Message Header, Message Body, Subject. You can check and uncheck the fields which you want.
  • Founded Email Addresses: This Email address extractor not only enables you to extract email addresses from the emails. As a result, it also enables you to view them before saving.


This blog mentioned all the factors which a user needs to know before preceding the migration process. However, an automatic tool can help you to complete the process within a short time.

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