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[Solved] How to Extract Attachment from Gmail – Simple Guide

Jared Young ~ Modified: March 30th, 2022 ~ How to ~ 4 Minutes Reading

How Do I Extract Attachment from Gmail?

Summary: Many users are looking & searching for a solution to extract email attachments from Gmail?  My team getting daily users query related to this situation. So, read this blog, we have discussed the manual and the professional method also. And find out which procedure is better for the extraction of your email.

Gmail is an email application that is used for sending and receiving emails. It allows sending the attached files over the internet. It provides the storage for emails and attachments but it doesn’t mean that it will store them permanently.

The need for extracting the email attachment arises for taking backup, storing the valuable attachments for future use, and in case of transferring it to another person. Google doesn’t provide any in-built tool which can extract email attachments from Gmail and save them in the local system. Google Take-out feature helps to backup all the mails but does not support the extraction of the attachments.

User Queries

I have thousands of emails attachments stuck in my Gmail account. But, When i download all Gmail attach, events one by one it takes a lot of time and effort. Now, I want a simple solution like Gmail attachment extractor through which i  can easily extract & save Gmail attachments to my desktop?

There are many important attachments in my Gmail account and I need to extract email attachments from Gmail. But i was unable to download the attachments. Actually, I am using Gmail in Chrome, when I clicked on the download icon to save the attachment nothing happened. So, please suggest me the solution how do I extract my all attachments from Gmail?


These are some of the queries from the users, which my team getting from the past few days.

How to Extract attachments from Gmail

You can go to each mail of the Gmail application and open it. On opening the mail, you can select the attachments and then download them. However, due to the extraction of the attachments for multiple emails is required then the manual method becomes very difficult.

Here, the manual method does not succeed in the extraction of all attachments from Gmail, this procedure is so time-consuming and if you are not a technical user then this method will create problems in between the procedure. There is a lot of chance of data loss.

Alternative Solution to Extract Attachments

The Corbett Software provides an Email Attachment Extractor Tool in order to extract multiple attachments from Gmail account to desktop. This tool is capable to extract all attachments from any email application & webmail servers.

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There is a lot of tools in the market at that present time but there does not have the capability to like this email attachment extractor. It contains some great features than other tools like it can work with both older and new versions of Windows, where other software can’t.

 Instruction To Extract All Attachments from Gmail Account

  • Download and Run the software on your Windows system.

  • Choose from email file/ Desktop Email client/ Webmail server and accounts.

  • Click on Open and Add desired webmail account.

  • Enter an email address, password, incoming address & port number.

  • Click on Extract attachment to extract from email.


In the above blog, the problem and solution to extract all attachments from Gmail have been discussed. The manual method helps to extract email attachments from Gmail of the individual mails one by one whereas the automated tool gives a way to multiple selection and extraction of all attachments as per files, folders, and configured accounts. The automated tool is the most preferred solution if you want to download the attachments of bulk mails otherwise you may go for the manual method to extract the limited attachments. So, we recommend you go ahead with this automated extract email attachments from Gmail.