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How Do I Extract Attachments from Gmail? Quick & Easy Solutions!

Jared Young ~ Modified: September 28th, 2023 ~ How to ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: Many users are looking for a reliable approach to extract attachments from Gmail account. Since the last week, my team is getting several user inquiries about how to download Gmail attachments in bulk. So, to give you proper guidance, we have come up with this blog post, which helps users in extracting multiple attachments from their Gmail accounts using the manual and professional Gmail Attachment Extractor. So, let’s start the post.

Gmail is an email application that is used for sending and receiving emails. It allows users to compose the email message with attachments and let users share the message with attached files over the internet. Gmail provides 15 GB of storage quota to its users to store data on the cloud.

The need to extract email attachments from Gmail accounts arises due to multiple reasons like when users have to free up cloud space or have to share attachments with other people for data auditing, printing, etc. Also, Google does not provide any built-in functionality. Tool to extract attachments from Gmail account.

In fact, if you think of Google Takeout to complete this process, then Google Takeout will only help you to download emails from Gmail. So, keep reading the post, and get the solution to download all attachments from Gmail in bulk.

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User Queries to Download Gmail Attachments in Bulk

I have thousands of email attachments stuck in my Gmail account. But, When I download all Gmail attachments, and events one by one it takes a lot of time and effort. Now, I want a simple solution like a Gmail attachment extractor through which I can easily extract & save Gmail attachments to my desktop.

There are many important attachments in my Gmail account and I need to extract attachments from Gmail. But i was unable to download the attachments. Actually, I am using Gmail in Chrome, and when I clicked on the download icon to save the attachment nothing happened. So, please suggest to me the solution to how do I download attachments from multiple emails in Gmail.

These are some of the queries from the users, which my team getting over the past few days. Let’s checkout the solution to complete this process.

Steps to Extract Attachments from Gmail

  • Open Gmail Account.
  • Now, move to email messages.
  • Hover the mouse over the attachment, then click download.

You can go to each mail of the Gmail application and open it. On opening the mail, you can select the attachments and then download them. However, due to the extraction of the attachments for multiple emails being required then the manual method becomes very difficult. Well, if you don’t want to stick with a manual solution, then you can go with the Gmail attachment extractor that allows you to download Gmail attachments in bulk without any worry.

Professional Solution to Extract Gmail Attachments

The Corbett Email Attachment Extractor Tool is the best approach in order to download attachments from multiple emails in Gmail Account. Additionally, the toolkit is capable to extract attachments of any size & format without any restrictions. A demo edition of the software is also available, which let users evaluate toolkit performance, and extract attachments from Gmail for free.

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The Gmail Attachment Extractor also offers you multiple advanced features to extract attachments of a particular sender or specify the file extension.  There are a lot of tools available in the market, but none of them have the capability to extract or download attachments from 90+ sources. In addition, the software is tested & admired by IT professionals for its smooth process. So, download the software, and follow the steps mentioned below to extract attachments from Gmail account.

 Steps to Use Gmail Attachment Extractor

  1. Download and Run the software on your Windows system.
  2. Now, click on Add Email Account >> Add Account >> Enter Gmail Account Details.
    Note: You have to use an App Password to login into the software panel.
    add gmail account
  3. Next, the software will analyze, and list all your Gmail data in the preview panel.
    Preview emails
  4. Afterward, click on the “Extract” tab, and select the Email Attachments Option from the list.
    extract attachments from gmail
  5. Lastly, apply the data filters, and click on the “Extract” button to download Gmail attachments in bulk.
    gmail attachment extractor data filters

Concluding Words

In the above blog, the problem and solution to extract attachments from Gmail have been discussed. The manual method helps to download email attachments from Gmail of the individual emails one by one whereas the Gmail attachment extractor gives a way to multiple selection and extraction of all attachments as per files, folders, and configured accounts. The automated tool is the most preferred solution if you want to download Gmail attachments in bulk otherwise you may go for the manual method to extract the limited attachments.

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