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Transfer Frontier Email to G Suite – Get the Secure Solution

Jared Young ~ Modified: June 17th, 2023 ~ How to ~ 5 Minutes Reading

When you have Frontier email and want to move it directly to G Suite. This is the right blog for you to read and perform the process without any hassle.

Overview of Frontier Webmail in a Few Sentences

Citizens Communications Company or Frontier Communications Corporation is a telecommunications company in the United States. As of now if we talk about Frontier, it is maybe the most seen email customer. It is known for giving clients an altered emails understanding on account of these significant level features.

Frontier also offers broadband Internet service, digital television service, and computer technical support for residential and business customers in 29 states across the country in addition to local and long-distance phone service. There are 3,069,000 broadband internet subscribers and 485,000 video subscribers at Frontier. On April 20, 2020, the company filed for bankruptcy.

Taking everyone into account, moving Frontier emails to G Suite is a fair decision considering the help is unquestionably astounding. Made by Google, this assistance has been gaining thought across the world. What about we appreciate why we need to transfer Frontier emails to G suite and how is it possible that is would be possible? We should comprehend.

Reasons of Export Frontier Email to G Suite

Most likely, there isn’t a manual way to complete the process of transferring Frontier emails to G Suite. But you have an option in contrast to going for the automatic approach as referred to in the article given underneath.

  • As we know Google apps are one of the widely used apps and most popular in today’s digital era. Due to multi facilities and functionalities, users wanted to switch over to G Suite.
  • For business use, G Suite is one of the best email clients in terms of storage, safety, features, and many more.
  • G Suite provides unlimited features for their user in the workstation. Users can apply add-ons, Grammarly, google docs, sheets, and so on.
  • A unique and simple graphical interface helps the users to work. The business version of G Suite helps users to transfer Frontier email to G Suite with additional features and facilities.
  • Google Workspace provides a different version for users such as Business starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise.
  • Users can purchase any business version as per their requirements with additional features and storage. It also provides unlimited storage.

Automatic Way to Migrate Frontier Email to G Suite

Those searching for a manual method to complete the task of exporting Frontier email to G Suite will discover that it likely will not be possible because these two services are located so far apart.

Corbett Email Migration Software may be able to assist you with the migration process in order to simplify the task. The moment you have this utility on your Windows Operating System, there is no need to look for any manual way. Using this apparatus, users do not have to struggle with subtitles because it is very simple to understand

To learn more about this automatic tool, let us take a look at the step-by-step process of importing Frontier emails to G Suite.

Migrate Frontier Email to G Suite With Attachments – Step by Step Guide

To begin the process download and run it in your Windows 10, 7, 8, 9, and all below versions of the operating system.

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 1: After opening the tool the first window that appeared click on the Open option in the top left section

click the open tab
 2: Then, select Email Account from the given options and click on Add Account to add Frontier Webmail account

select email accounts > add account
 3: After that, the tool shows you the Email Credential dialog box to fill out the Frontier email id and password. To manually configure the Frontier account hit “Advanced Settings” [Optional]

fill out your account credentials
 4: The tool starts uploading files and folders from the Frontier webmail into the utility

enable the compact view
 5: To transfer emails from Frontier to G Suite hit the Export option in the top section. Then click IMAP.

Note: Many users are thinking why IMAP. because G Suite supports IMAP configuration and also Frontier is also a webmail account. After selecting IMAP, the tool will show you IMAP Export Option along with an email section where you need to write a G Suite email account id and password to complete the migration.

export to IMAP
 6: In the end, select Save to start the process

select save

In this Step by step guide, we explain everything in detail with proper screenshots to transfer Frontier email to G Suite with attachments. Also, read related blogs Migrate Frontier email to Microsoft Office 365 account and Transfer Frontier emails to Outlook 

Reason Why to Choose Automated Method

Right when you pick Corbett Software for moving emails, this comes out to be maybe the most sensible technique to complete the migration process. So let us become more familiar with certain critical benefits of using this application.

  • Secure email movement happens
  • You get 100% exact results without any data loss
  • Clump, too as explicit relocation, can occur
  • Selective migration can be applied in this tool
  • This application enables you to export without limitation
  • Hence, ensuring through this blog fittingly you likely perceived how to migrate Frontier emails to G suite suitably.

Author’s Suggestion

In this blog, we described the best method to export Frontier email to G Suite directly with attachments. With this utility, you can export unlimited emails in a single go. Only this tool can provide you with the best result with proper file structure and folder hierarchy.

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