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Fixed: “Gmail Print Not Working” Issue

Justin Cener ~ Modified: March 12th, 2024 ~ Tips ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Gmail is the largest email service in the world, with a user base of around 24 percent. Many Gmail users complain about the Print function (Printer icon and Print option under More dropdown menu) not working. We will explore the reasons for the Gmail print not working issue with the solutions to resolve the problem, so read this blog to know them!

Reasons for Print Option Not Showing in Gmail

There are many reasons behind the print feature not functioning in Gmail, and we will explore some of them in the following points:

  • Server Problems – Limited server functionality affects many Gmail features, including printing. Such a problem will hamper your email printing plans.
  • Out-of-date Web Browser – Another reason for the problem is the older web browser you use to access Gmail emails. Since you haven’t updated the browser for a long time, you may face issues in sending and receiving emails apart from being unable to print them.
  • Internet Connection – Another reason for Gmail print not working is an unstable internet connection. Your computer may experience internet instability due to problems from the internet provider’s side or power issues in your area. You may create new emails or view the older ones. However, you can’t print any due to unstable internet.

These reasons highlight the necessity to resolve the print feature not working in the Gmail issue. The following section discusses the solutions for this problem, so keep reading the blog to know them!

Resolve Gmail Print Not Working Issue Manually

The reasons mentioned above highlight the problem of Gmail’s print facility not working. Don’t worry anymore! This section explores the solutions for resolving Gmail’s print function not working issue manually.

We will discuss the solutions for Google Chrome, but they work almost similarly for other browsers. The following points are the solutions for manually resolving the Gmail print feature not working issue:

  • Update the web browser (in this case, Google Chrome)
  • Clear the browser cookies and cache
  • Copy and paste the Gmail emails into a Word file

Let’s read about the solutions in detail in the following sections.

Solution 1: Update Web Browser

The first solution to resolve the print option not showing in Gmail problem is updating the web browser. If you use Gmail on Google Chrome, follow these steps to upgrade the Chrome application to resolve the issue.

  • Open the Google Chrome app.
  • Click the three vertical dots on the extreme right side on top.
  • Select the Help menu and click About Google Chrome.
  • Click on the Update Google Chrome box and update the app.

Note: Remember to save important emails before updating the Chrome app.

Solution 2: Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

The second solution to resolve the Gmail print not working problem is deleting Chrome’s unchecked cookies and cache. Hence, doing so will make your Gmail experience comfortable and restore the email printing option.

Follow these steps to delete the browsing data in Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome on your computer.
  • Use the Control + Shift + Delete keys to clear browser cookies and cache.
  • Click Clear Data to remove the Chrome browsing data.
  • Restart the Chrome app and see if you can print emails in Gmail.

Solution 3: Copy and Paste the Email into the Word File

If the previous two solutions fail to resolve the print option not showing in Gmail problem, the last resort is to copy and paste each email into a Word or Google Docs file and print the document to read the emails. However, this method is time-consuming since you have to save each Gmail email in Word format individually.

Solve Gmail’s Print Function Not Working Professionally

The manual solutions to resolve the Gmail print not working problem are easy. However, they take too much time to restore the printing function of Gmail and get every email printed.

Therefore, we will discuss the best method to resolve this issue without worries: automated software. The software mentioned here is the perfect answer for backing Gmail emails without data loss. This software is the Corbett Gmail Backup Tool.

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Steps to Resolve Print Feature Not Working in Gmail Issue with the Software

The following points describe the process of fixing the print option not showing in Gmail issue using the software:

  • Install the software on your Windows computer and run it.
    gmail print not working
  • Click the Open menu, select Email Accounts, and click Add Account to add the Gmail account.
    click email accounts >> add account
  • Select the Export dropdown menu and click PDF to save emails on the computer.
    select export and choose pdf
  • Alternatively, click Gmail and add another account to migrate emails to that account.
  • Select your Gmail account folders and click the Save button to begin the Gmail-to-Gmail email migration process.
    click save to resolve gmail print op[tion not working

Salient Highlights of the Software

  • Server Auto-detection: The software auto-detects the Gmail account server address and port number. Gmail users have to enter their account details and click the Find box under the Advanced Settings option to let the software work on finding the server details.
  • Specific Data Extraction: This software can extract email addresses, contact numbers, and attachments from emails without problems.
  • Email Selection Filters: You can select specific Gmail emails for backup using advanced filters like Subject, Attachment Type, Sender, Date, and other sorting fields.


We explored the reasons for the Gmail print not working issue with the solutions to resolve the problem in this blog. The reasons mentioned here highlight the necessity to solve this problem for seamless Gmail email printing. All the solutions described in the blog are perfect for fixing the Gmail print function not running issue and restoring the halted email printing process.

However, the manual methods take time to get every Gmail email printed, though they are easy to use. Therefore, the automated software mentioned here becomes the perfect solution to end the print option not showing in the Gmail issue and restore the print feature to your Gmail account.

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