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Best Way to Migrate Icewarp to Office 365- [Easy Solution]

Jared Young ~ Modified: March 31st, 2022 ~ Tips ~ 3 Minutes Reading

Many users looking for Icewarp to Office 365 migration process due to various reasons. If you are one of them, then landed on the right page. Here I will explain the simplest way to transfer emails from Icewarp to Microsoft 365 account.

Microsoft O365 provides a flexible environment with multiple features whereas Icewarp gives limited features in comparison. Icewarp is suitable for small businesses or enterprises whereas Office 365 is best suited for large enterprises.

Icewarp is a desktop-based application whereas O365 can be used on any platform like the web or mobile. When users want to migrate Icewarp to Office 365. Some of them could be the migration of the complete mailboxes and the migration of selective data that can be mails, contacts, calendars, etc.

Queries That Have Been Captured

“Our organization is no longer using the Icewarp application. It has switched to Office 365. I have a lot of emails stored in my mailbox of Icewarp. How can I migrate selective emails”

I have received a new project. My organization wants me to migrate Icewarp to Office 365. I thought it would be an easy task to do so. However, it is quite challenging. Please help me by providing a suitable solution that can resolve my problem.”

The above two situations of the users indicate the need for migration.

Icewarp to Office 365 Migration Process

The Corbett Software provides the IMAP Migration Tool which can efficiently migrate mails from Icewarp to Office 365 without any hassle. This Migration Software not only migrates IMAP mail from one server to another but also ensures complete data migration.

Key Features of The Tool:

  • The tool allows the data migration of the Icewarp account to Office 365 in one go.
  • It migrates the complete mailboxes from Icewarp Mailbox without any data loss.
  •  The tool previews all the folders in the account before migrating it into another account.

In this case, there is no direct manual method of migration. However, the automated tool is the trusted and the most preferred software to migrate Icewarp to O365.

Steps to Perform Icewarp to Office 365 Migration

All the mentioned steps are verified and secure to follow. It will help you to transfer the Icewarp mailbox to Microsoft 365 account.

1: Download the software and install it on your Windows OS installed system.

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2: Click on the Open button and select the Email Accounts option and provide credentials to add the Icewarp account. After that, all emails will be loaded into the software panel with associated attributes.

icewarp to office 365

3:  Now click on the Export button, Select Office 365 option, and provide your Microsoft 365 account credentials.

complete migration

4: The software will start the migration process, till it completes 100%. 

icewarp to Office 365 migration done

Summing Up

So, there is no manual way left to migrate the Icewarp email to the O365 account without any worry. By using this automatic tool users can easily complete this task within a few minutes. Users can try the free demo version of this tool by downloading it on their computer system. The demo Icewarp to Office 365 migration tool enables you to migrate the first 10 files and folders from the Icewarp account.



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