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How to Import EML to IMAP Server Account With Complete Data – Complete Guide

Shaks George ~ Modified: April 20th, 2022 ~ How to ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Import EML to IMAP Server Account with complete file and folder structure. Read this blog, to know the best method of converting EML Files to IMAP servers.

In many situations, we need to move our eml files to other email clients. Due to cloud space almost every email client shifts toward the cloud space. Plenty of email clients use IMAP Servers to send and receive eml messages. Before starting the EML to IMAP import process, firstly understand what is IMAP Server and why do users need to import EML to IMAP Server accounts.

What is IMAP Server?

IMAP- Internet Message Access Protocol is a protocol for accessing Internet messages known as IMAP. A mail server uses this protocol to access and store mail on the Internet. Through IMAP, email clients can receive email messages from a mail server over a TCP/IP connection. IMAP enables you to access your email messages from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Why Do Users Want to Import EML to IMAP Server Accounts?

  • Due to server connectivity, all your eml data will be stored on a remote server. So this option helps users to access it from anywhere or at any time without any hassle.
  • There are fewer chances of data loss and corruption. Because your data is stored on the server, So, users can use the data in the case of system failure occurs.
  • There is one more benefit of storing your EML data on an IMAP server. Your local system storage space is saved.
  • Users can easily backup emails automatically. If they properly maintained the IMAP server account.
  • However, users will also get a special option to save the desired emails locally.

How to Export Bulk EML Files to IMAP Server?

To import EML to IMAP Server use this EML Files Converter Software. Using an automatic tool helps you to import bulk EML to the IMAP server directly. You can easily download this tool by selecting the Download Now button.

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This tool is capable to export EML to 100+ IMAP server accounts. You can manage multiple IMAP accounts in a single tool without installing any further applications. This is a standalone application that imports your .eml files in bulk or selective. Know the procedure step by step.

Application Working Steps

1. Start EML to IMAP Server process by selecting the Open option

select Open
2. Then select Email Data Files and then EML files

Select Email Data Files
3. After choosing EML files, choose the files & folder option as per your need and browse the saved .eml file location to upload.

select EML Files
4. Next, preview the emails in the tool’s preview panel by selecting all the preview modes.

Preview eml files
5. In the next step, select the Export option from the top ribbon bar. And hit IMAP from the drop-down options.
6. Finally, select Save in the IMAP Export Options Window.

Free Software’s Demo Edition

Use the tool’s free demo edition to acknowledge the working of this application. The free edition enables you to import the first EML files and folders to your IMAP Server account. After using the demo version you can purchase the tool’s full edition to import EML to IMAP Server Account multiple times.

EML Files can be Imported into Desktop and Webmail Applications

This tool is a robust solution to import EML to IMAP Server smoothly. It has no restriction, that a user can upload various EML files to the IMAP account. This toolkit supports EML files from Microsoft Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Incredimail, and many more. It is designed with advanced algorithms that help a first-time user a lot. The simple graphical interface is comfortable for the user.

What are the Benefits of Using this Application

  • No Restriction on file size: You can import eml files without worrying about file size. This tool doesn’t limit you on your Import eml to IMAP process. You want to import unlimited eml messages without any worry.
  • Import EML with attachments: You can comfortably export EML messages to the IMAP server with attachments. You can import EML with any file extension type attachments.
  • Safe and Secure Import Process: This tool completes the process with complete safety and security. Your data is 100% protected by this tool.
  • Option to Manage Multiple IMAP Server Accounts: This EML to IMAP tool provides you an option to manage multiple IMAP accounts in a single application. You can remove and add various IMAP-supported email accounts.
  • Extract Email Items Option: With this tool, you easily extract EML attachments like documents, images, files, and so on. The takeout Bulk email address from your EML messages and files, or extract contacts, and contact photos.

Author’s Suggestion

We provided you with the best solution to import EML to IMAP servers. Users can use this tool’s free demo version to understand how this tool works. After understanding the functioning you can directly purchase the tool’s full edition and starts exporting unlimited eml files to IMAP Server accounts.

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