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How to Import OLM File into Gmail Account Using the Best Approaches

Shaks George ~ Modified: January 25th, 2023 ~ How to ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Users often import OLM to Gmail because it provides them with access to data anywhere, anytime, and on any device. When migrating from macOS to Windows or any other operating system, you may want to import the Outlook for Mac OLM file into Gmail.

Whatever the reason there is no direct manual way to safely convert OLM files to a Gmail accounts. But there is an expert way to solve the query on how to import olm file into Gmail account directly. We invite you to read this complete blog to get the best solutions to complete the process. 

How Do I Import OLM to Gmail?

To manually import Outlook for Mac OLM files to Gmail. Users need to configure a Gmail account into the Outlook for mac system to import the emails, contacts, and other data. Start the manual method by following the below steps.

Step by Step Procedure to Import OLM Files to Gmail Account

Step 1: Configure Gmail Account for IMAP

1. Go to Gmail and sign in.
2. In the top-right corner, click the Settings icon.
3. Select See All Settings.
4. Click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab on the Settings page.
5. Select Enable IMAP from the ‘IMAP Access’ section, and click Save Changes.

enable imap in the Gmail account

Figure: 1: Enable IMAP for Gmail Account

Step 2: Enabled IMAP Setting in your Gmail Account for Outlook for Mac

You will need to follow different steps depending on the version of Outlook for Mac. You are using it to add an IMAP-enabled Gmail account.

Steps to Add Gmail Account in Mac Outlook 2019/2016 Version

  • Open your Mac Outlook and click Outlook > Preferences > Accounts.

open Outlook for mac

Figure: 2: Mac Menu for Outlook 2019/2016

  • In the Accounts Window, hit the plus (+) sign. And then click the New Account option
  • Enter your Gmail account credentials like email address and password to configure.

sign into gmail to import olm to Gmail

Figure: 3: Sign in to your Gmail Account

  • At present, click Allow

allow the access

Figure: 4: Google Account Permissions Option

  • In the appeared dialogue box, click Open Microsoft Outlook

select Open Microsoft Outlook.

Figure: 5: Open your Microsoft Outlook

  • Select Done to start using the Gmail in Mac Outlook account

Outlook 2011 for Mac: How to add your Gmail account

  • To access Mac Outlook’s accounts, select Tools > Accounts.

select Open Microsoft Outlook.

Figure: 6: The menu in Outlook for Mac

  • Select the E-mail Account option from the Accounts window.

select E-mail Account.

Figure: 7: Choose an e-mail account

  • The next step is to manually enter your Gmail account information as follows:
  • Your Gmail account requires a username, password, and email address.
  • Select IMAP from the ‘Type’ drop-down list.
  • Type imap.gmail.com and 993 (SSL)/143 (SSL) in the Incoming server textbox.
  • Put smtp.gmail.com and 25/465 (SSL) into the Outgoing server textbox.
  • Then click the Add Account button.

select Add Account

Figure: 8: Accounts window for Outlook for Mac

  • Now, Outlook for Mac will be configured with your Gmail account.

Step 3: Transfer OLM File to Gmail Account

  • In your Mac Outlook account, choose the folder that contains items that you want to convert to Gmail account
  • Right-click on the selected folder, and hit the move or copy to folder button.
  • In the appeared pop-up window, select the Gmail label name from the list. And then hit Cop.
  • Select the Send/Receive to transfer OLM emails in bulk to your Gmail Account.
Note: This above-mentioned method only configures your Gmail account into the Mac Outlook account. But in case you are a windows user and you received OLM files from your client to convert into Gmail then that method is not applicable for you. In this case, you need a professional solution.

Convert OLM File to Gmail With Complete Subfolders Data

Use this Outlook for Mac OLM to Gmail converter tool to convert multiple Outlook for Mac OLM files simultaneously to Gmail accounts. This tool lets you convert multiple OLM files and their subfolders to several Gmail accounts at the same time. You can easily import OLM to Gmail account.

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This Outlook for Mac OLM Converter Tool stands out because the graphical interface is easy to use compared to other tools. It is easy for non-technical users to complete the process on their own.

Steps to Import OLM to Gmail

1. The first step of the procedure is to select the Open option to start the import .olm to Gmail.

select the Open option to import olm to gmail
2. Then, select the option Email Data Files, and then Outlook for Mac OLM files

select the email data files
3. Once you’ve selected the option, you’ll be asked to choose the file from a folder on your system.

browse the olm files
4. The tool will then show you a preview of the olm file once you select it

preview the files
5. Using the top ribbon bar, select the Export option, then click Gmail in the drop-down menu.

export OLM file to Gmail
6. The import olm into Gmail process is started when you click the Save button.

import .olm to Gmail

The Software’s Most Important Features

  • OLM files can be easily exported to Yahoo, thunderbird, Office 365, and so on email accounts.
  • The tool is capable to show the error logs option.
  • Outlook for Mac OLM Files can be easily converted into multiple email file formats like EML, PST, MBOX, PDF, HTML, TEXT, and can easily Convert Bulk OLM Files to CSV files and so on file formats.
  • It is well capable to preview the OLM files into Content, Raw Message, Hex View, and Message Header options smoothly.
  • The tool provides a double mode to search an OLM File by selecting the Quick Search Option or can use the Advanced search option.
  • It also offers you to extract only OLM File attributes like Extract Bulk or selective email addresses, Takeout only OLM attached email files, contact photos, and so on,
  • A free demo version is also available before purchasing the license edition to import OLM to Gmail account.

Author’s Suggestion

The article covers how do I import olm files into Gmail and manually import OLM to Gmail using the best approach. There is only the ability to configure Gmail account email in Outlook for Mac, but you are not able to convert the contact and calendar information from your OLM files. In other words, to export data from an OLM file with contacts, calendars, journals, and so on, to a Gmail account. There is a professional solution you need to use.