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How to Import OST to Thunderbird? Check These Remarkable Solutions

Justin Cener ~ Modified: January 17th, 2023 ~ Import ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Undoubtedly, one of the users’ most complex processes is to import OST to Thunderbird. Since there is no direct way to accomplish the task, we are here to help you with making it much easier to execute. This technical write-up will provide you with guidance and the best solutions on how you can import and open OST file in Thunderbird.

We are here with one workaround manual solution. In addition to that, an automated solution to get you instant and effective results. So, buckle your seatbelts quickly and without any further delay, let’s get started with this article.

MS Outlook is famous for many of its features. Majorly, because of its high-security advantage. In addition to that, its seamless integration with other productivity programs from Microsoft. However, it comes with a price. On the other hand, Thunderbird is a free open-source desktop-based email client. Moreover, one can access it on many platforms, for instance, Windows, Linux, Mac and Ubuntu OS. In addition to that, it provides many cost-effective features. Thus, it is understandable why users want to switch from OST to Thunderbird.

We all are aware of the nature of OST files. They are not accessible on any other platform than their own. Therefore, reasons like these urge users to import OST file in Thunderbird. Moreover, there are many other reasons; we have stated some of them below.

Reasons to Import OST to Thunderbird

  • Thunderbird has a simple and easy user interface that many users can easily work on.
  • It provides numerous features such as channel chats, mail account setup etc.
  • It’s available on multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Thunderbird is capable of holding large mailbox data without any performance issues.

Methods to Import OST to Thunderbird

As we stated, there is absolutely no direct way to open OST file in Thunderbird. However, we have brought a workaround manual procedure as well as an automated tool that you can use to get results. This method requires that you have an active and working Outlook profile. Moreover, none of the OST files you’re trying to import should be corrupted or orphaned. Follow the instructions given below.

Steps to Manually Import OST to Thunderbird

  1. Create an IMAP account, preferably Gmail. Enable IMAP in that Gmail account settings.
  2. Now, configure that account in Outlook.
  3. Move your OST data to the configured account.
  4. Then, head to Google Takeout and Export all the data in MBOX format.
  5. At last, use the Import Export Tools NG to Import OST to Thunderbird.

So, this is the possible manual solution that a user can utilize. However, this comes with certain limitations that prove it to not be a preferred choice of users or experts.

Why You Shouldn’t Choose The Manual Procedure?

  • First and foremost, Gmail only provides users with 15 GB of storage space on free accounts. Thus, you can’t import OST files of large size.
  • Second, this method is highly technical as there is a lot of configuration to execute. Therefore, it is not suitable for most users.
  • This method proves to be unreliable as there is a high chance of data loss and data corruption during the process.
  • The manual procedure is Outlook Dependent. So, if you have OST files and not any Outlook 2019, 2016 and below account or application installed then, this method is not for you.
  • This solution doesn’t support importing corrupted or orphaned OST files as those files are not accessible in Outlook itself.
  • Lastly, this is only a workaround method and not a direct way to convert OST to MBOX format.

As you see, all these drawbacks impede the method to be a great option for users. And due to that reason, experts suggest going for automated software to prevent all the hassle.

Import OST to Thunderbird with Professional Solution

Since there is no direct manual process to import OST to Thunderbird, we have brought you an impeccable solution to achieve that. The Corbett OST Converter is undoubtedly the best pick for any user. Even so, numerous technical experts recommend it. Moreover, it entirely eliminates the Outlook  2019, 2016 and below dependency as opposed to the manual procedure. So, let’s have a look at some other splendid features that this tool consists of.

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Needless to say, this is an incredible software as it totally eradicates Outlook dependency. In fact, using this tool, users don’t have to use the Import Export Tools NG because this software directly imports OST files in Thunderbird.

Astonishing Features of this Software.

  • The software is capable to batch import OST files in Thunderbird without errors.
  • Export OST files in multiple IMAP mail applications.
  • Protects 100% Data Integrity of your OST files.
  • Provides Multiple Filters that help to Export Selected Attributed from your OST files.
  • Accurately Maintains Folder Hierarchy and Structure of the exported data.
  • Easily Converts OST files of large volumes; No Size Limitation.
  • Conveniently works on Windows 11 (64 & 32 bit), 10, 8,7 and all other below versions.

As you can see, with this many features, it is unequivocally easy to open OST file in Thunderbird. So, without any further ado let’s see the steps to execute the process.

Steps to Open OST file in Thunderbird

  1. Download & Launch the software on your computer or laptop.

    Download & Start the software

  2. Click on the Open button in the top left corner.

    Click the Open button in the software

  3. Then, click on Email Data Files >> Outlook OST files >> Choose from a Folder.

    Select Choose the Folder option

  4. Select and Load the OST files you want to export in the software.

    load the OST files in the software

  5. Make use of Multiple Search Settings such as Quick Search & Advanced Search (All Search Option and Email Search option).

    Email Search Option

  6. Click on Export and choose the MBOX format option from the dropdown menu.
    Open OST file in Thunderbird by exporting in MBOX format.
  7. Browse the location where you want to store your exported files.

    Browse and select location to save files

  8. Utilize the Advanced Options given before saving. The options are: Open Folder After Export is Done, Skip Greyed Out Folders, Create Empty Folders, Delete Folders, Include Email Headers, and Create Individual PST File for Each Folder.

    Utilize Advanced Options before saving

  9. At last, Click Save.

    Clcik on Save to save files

Furthermore, this software shows the live conversion process of your files. Moreover, after the process is complete, it also provides the option to view your exported items folder.


As we all are aware that there is no definite direct manual procedure to import OST to Thunderbird. In this article, we provided you with a workaround manual procedure as well as an automated tool to accomplish that. However, even this manual procedure comes with limitations and drawbacks that make the whole process ineffective and unsatisfactory. Hence, numerous technical experts advise that users should always turn to a reliable aka professional solution whenever trying to import OST file in Thunderbird.

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