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How to Export Emails from 1&1 to Thunderbird Directly – Complete Guide

Jared Young ~ Modified: June 20th, 2023 ~ Migration ~ 6 Minutes Reading

 Summary: Are you still worried & searching about how to migrate 1&1 emails to Thunderbird? Read this article, we have discussed solution to transfer 1&1 emails to Thunderbird by using the best-automated Tool with some great feature which is briefly explained below.

1&1 internet company has been renamed as ‘1&1 IONOS’. It provides integrated web hosting services owned and supported by a German internet company. The company is known for its various services like cloud storage, webmail services on mobile and apps.

1&1 emails application can be accessed in any web browser. To access the emails application, the user requires uninterrupted internet connectivity. However, the users are still looking to migrate 1&1 emails to the Thunderbird application.

User Query!

Hello Everyone! I want to know how to Migrate 1&1 email to Thunderbird. Suffering from this problem for the past few days. I have tried every possible method but none of them have worked. So, recommend me some solutions for 1&1 emails to Thunderbird migration

The above query is one of the queries which come through our client. Most of the users facing the same problem if you are also searching for the solution to this query then you are on the right platform, This article will help you to Migrate 1&1 email to Thunderbird.

Reasons Behind 1&1 Emails to Thunderbird Migration

Thunderbird is a free, cross-platform, and open-source client emails application and allows users to bring customization by adding the extensions using the Add-on feature. Thunderbird provides you to securely protect your username and password and offers options like save, view, delete or edit the password.

Why Users Export 1&1 Emails to Thunderbird

The main reason why users are searching for the solution to export 1&1 emails to Thunderbird is the problem they have often seen while sending and receiving emails. There are fluctuating outages and disruptions while using the 1&1 email application. 1&1 Email having persistent problems from the server while leads to interruption while doing work. It does not provide a user-friendly interface due to which novice many users face problems.

Two Methods to Transfer 1&1 Email to Thunderbird

There are two ways to transfer 1&1 Emails to thunderbird. Users may choose the methods as per their requirements. but We highly recommend you choose the automatic solution. Why? reason you will find out after reading the blog.

Professional Method to Migrate 1&1 Emails to Thunderbird

The IMAP Migration tool is a robust and adept professional tool that helps to migrate 1&1 emails to Thunderbird easily without any hassles. This tool is specially designed for the needed users who have lack technical knowledge and facing technical problems in the process of migrating 1&1 Emails to Thunderbird manually. This automatic solution help users to complete their tasks in a single go without any issues.

With the help of this tool, you can easily migrate, transfer, export bulk 1&1 emails to Mozilla thunderbird perfectly. The graphical interface of this tool is very user-friendly and simple to understand. To complete the migration you have to go through the given steps.

Professional Method to Migrate 1&1 Emails to Thunderbird

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 1: Install and Launch the tool.
 2: Open the software window.

launch the software
 3: Go to the ‘Open’ tab in the top left corner of your screen

click open
 4: select ‘ Email Accounts’, and then click on ‘Add Account.’

click email accounts > add account

 5: Now, the dialog box will get opened where you need to enter the credentials like Email and password. Then, click on the “Advanced Settings” button.

enter login credentials
 6: Fill out the remaining details in the dialog box like “Imap Server” and “Imap Port”. Hit Find to auto-fill and then next press “Add”

fill IMAP details

7: The 1&1 emails application gets configured in the software window.

enable compact view

 8: Go to the ‘Export’ tab, choose ‘Emails Clients’ as ‘Thunderbird’.

Export to Thunderbird
 9: In the ‘Thunderbird Export Options’, the default location of the emails to be exported is given, and then, you can choose the emails id of the Thunderbird account from the drop-down menu of ‘Thunderbird Profile’.

Thunderbird info

 10: Click on the ‘Save’ button located on the top right corner of the software window. By doing so, the export process will begin and they all will get exported to the Thunderbird account.

Hit Save to export 1&1 emails to Thunderbird

You can open and check the exported emails from the 1&1 Email account. With the help of this tool, the work seems to be easy and perfect. This tool helps you to complete the migration perfectly without any issues.

Prominent Features of the Third-Party Tool

  •  It helps to export multiple emails from the 1&1 emails application to Thunderbird without any hassles.
  •  The emails properties and the folders hierarchy remain intact.
  •  no limitation on file size and the number of files to be exported.
  •  It maintains complete data integrity of the exported emails files.
  •  It allows to export the of selective emails or folders from the 1&1 emails application to Thunderbird.

How to Export 1&1 Emails to Thunderbird Manually for Free

The second way to migrate 1&1 emails to Thunderbird is the manual method.
steps to export the emails from 1&1 emails to Thunderbird:

  • Open the 1&1 emails application.
  • Select the folder and select Single emails that need to be exported.
  • Go to the ‘Settings’ option, select ‘Save as file’, give a name to it and then click on the ‘OK button.

If a single email is saved then it is saved as an EML format. But if several emails are selected and saved then they are saved in a zip file.

Restrictions Applying Manual Method


It is a monotonous and exhausting procedure that is a time-consuming and lengthy process. The manual way does not ensure 100% data integrity after the export process is completed. You don’t get to proper files structure and folders hierarchy in the same original format. There are high chances of data loss during the export process. The email’s properties may get affected leading to distorted and haphazard results. It does not provide complete export with complete data migration.


In the above blog, a brief has been discussed on the 1&1 emails application. Many users are looking to Migrate 1&1 emails to Thunderbird. The possible reasons for migration to Thunderbird from the 1&1 emails application and the limitations of the 1&1 emails application have been explained. There are two methods – manual method and automated method to Migrate 1&1 emails to Thunderbird. However, the best method is the automated method ‘1&1 emails Converter’ which gives the best, reliable results with complete data integrity in no time.

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