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Migrate eM Client to Thunderbird with Data Attributes – Know-How

Justin Cener ~ Modified: July 28th, 2023 ~ Migration ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Do you wish to migrate eM Client to Thunderbird? Are you unable to get an appropriate solution for your problem? If that’s the case, let us provide you with a beneficial solution. Today’s blog will assist you with every step to accomplish this migration task.

In the upcoming section, users will learn about the email platform and know which one is better The eM Client or Thunderbird. So, let’s get straight to the solution section.

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Export Emails from eM Client to Thunderbird Using Smart Solution

Corbett Email Converter Tool is a highly-rated program that allows the users to transfer eM Client with all attributes and other elements in Thunderbird within a few minutes without disturbing the folder structure.

The application provides the best user experience with an easy-to-use graphical interface with advanced functionalities. Also, a demo edition of the software is introduced for user convenience anyone can easily download the software on all editions of Windows with minimum software configurations.

So, let’s check out the working procedure of the eM Client to Thunderbird Migration Tool.

Complete Instructions to Import eM Client Mail to Thunderbird

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Download the eM Client to Thunderbird Migration Tool on your system to continue the procedure.

1) Launch the tool and click on “Open Tab.”

2) Afterward, click on the Desktop email account and select eM Client from the list.

eM client

3) Users can select the configured data file, and the software will display all the data files.

preview of data files

4) Next, click on the “Export Tab” and choose Thunderbird from the list.


5) The software comes with multiple advanced filters apply them to continue.

6) Once you sort all of your eM client data. Click on the Save button to start the process.

data filters

Above, we have given you the complete procedure to migrate eM Client to Thunderbird. Now, let’s move towards the manual technique to import eM Client Mail to Thunderbird account. Also, there is a video solution available to achieve this migration.

Manual Procedure to Export Emails from eM Client to Thunderbird

The manual procedure is divided into two parts: extracting eM Client data files and importing them into the Thunderbird profile. So, let’s start with the first phase.

Step 1) Export Data File from eM Client

  1.  The Primary step is to Open your eM Client.
  2.  Navigate to the ribbon bar and click on the File button.
  3.  From the drop-down list, click on Export Tab.
  4. In the next section, choose the .eml file option and continue.

eM Client data export

Step 2) Manually Import eM Client Mail to Thunderbird Account

After exporting EML files from the eM Client, follow the steps below to migrate eM Client to Thunderbird.

1) Open Mozilla Thunderbird Application.

2) The next step is to create a New Folder or Sub-Folder in the account profile.

3)  Now, move to the stored location of the eM Client data file.

4) Minimize your Thunderbird and drag and drop the data file to Thunderbird.

drag and drop eM client to Thunderbird Folder

5) The process can take a long time once the process gets made to re-start the application.

You have successfully export emails from eM Client to Thunderbird account by performing these steps. But the manual method is not so reliable because most times, users won’t be able to access their data in Thunderbird due to compatibility errors. The user will learn about Thunderbird vs. eM Client in the next section, which is a better choice let’s find.

Thunderbird vs. eM Client know the Prime Difference Between this Two Platform

Key-Points eM Client Thunderbird
Availability Paid Platform Open-Source
Additional Tools Not Specific Offer Numerous Data Add-Ons
Demo Edition 30 Days Free Demo Free of Cost
Cost 50$ Available at No Cost
Integrated Applications Yes Yes

After comparing the above graph, The Thunderbird provides more functions than other applications. The eM Client supports robust features to manage the inbox emails more efficiently.

At the same time, Thunderbird has a rich ecosystem of add-ons and offers various layout options to collect the data. Moreover, the eM Client will cost you $50, while Thunderbird is an open-source platform that anyone can access. After comparing the above section it’s good to import eM Client Mail to Thunderbird account.

Time to Conclude

I hope this article helps to solve your email query “How to Migrate eM Client to Thunderbird” in an easy way. We have described both the methods to achieve migration proses. The manual has some limitations, and it takes a long time compared to eM Client to Thunderbird migration tool. Users can download the automated toolkit for effortless data migration.

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