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How to Namecheap Email Backup to Computer – Perfectly

Shaks George ~ Modified: May 24th, 2022 ~ Backup ~ 5 Minutes Reading
Today email workers are inconceivably needed to deal with business interchanges. There are many free email facilitating choices accessible however, one ought to depend on a more adaptable email arrangement. Namecheap is one such synergistic and cloud-based email arrangement. This blog bargains regarding how you can take Namecheap Email Backup.

Namecheap has an incredible and new GUI that works across countless gadgets – work areas, tablets, and so on, so clients can impart at whatever point they need Namecheap Email Backup. It has been planned to hold your site security and protection.

Changing emails starting with one host then onto the next can be a major test. This is because you are relocating emails as well as your significant contacts and schedules. To try to re-import all Namecheap emails if there should arise an occurrence of unplanned information misfortune, we recommend that you utilize a dependable Namecheap Email Backup apparatus.

The best way to deal with Namecheap Email Backup critical data is to get it on your hard drive. So on the off chance that you are one of those customers who are looking for a strong response to back up your data to avoid any issue achieved by structure crashes, then go through this blog circumspectly. If you need to save your data, there is nothing better compared to changing it in a PDF file. We ought to understand why we need to store our data in PDF format and how should we do it:

Why Namecheap Email Backup on Your Hard Drive?

Being maybe the most solid setups, most customers slant toward PDF documents for saving their entire email data. We should go through the blog to get more familiar with why is it important to Namecheap Email Backup on the hard drive:

  • Practical dependability: On the off chance that you’re worried about the change that will happen to the principal arrangement while change, stay free as it stays the same earlier and then, at that point a short time later the change cooperation
  • Multidimensional: Being multidimensional in Nature, PDF configuration gives the ability to customers to use all sorts of content, in any case, if it is picture or video. It makes record affiliation extremely direct by requesting all of the data in a comparative chronicle.
  • Easy to use: PDF configuration is incredibly useful to use and thus an enormous part of customers are okay using it.
  • Secure: The principal thing while moving your data or backing it up is security. You ought to be worried about data security yet don’t feel pressured as PDF configuration is the most secure way to deal with storing your data.

How to Make a Backup of Namecheap Emails on Your Hard Drive?

Making a Namecheap Email Backup on your hard drive is unquestionably not an irksome endeavor. All you need is the right device that can make this somewhat long measure exceptionally straightforward and less time taking IMAP Backup Software Developed by Corbett is a gadget that has been expected to deal with these sorts of things and it works with the backup collaboration in the best habits.

There are a couple of customers who have Windows working systems and some have Mac. This item does contemplate by working for both and offer all of the vital kinds of help.

Steps to Namecheap Email Backup to the PDF Format

Here is a look at some strong strategies for completing the course of backup:

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Step1: Download the software of Namecheap email backup software go-ahead and hit the download now button


Step2: Once dispatched, go to the ‘open’ catch which is there in the most corner part of the screen.


Step3: Hit on ’email accounts and then go for ‘add account’

add account

Step4: It will take you to the accompanying page where you ought to enter the details of your Namecheap account. The details consolidate ’email id’ and ‘password’.

email id

Step5: Look under and hit on the ‘Advanced Settings’ decision. Then you will be expected to give your IMAP Server. Hit the ‘Add’ button

advance settings

Step6: Thereafter, you hit the ‘export’ option and you will find some archive options. What you need to do is pick a ‘PDF’ as the record design and then snap on exchange.

export pdf

Step7: At the end click the ‘save’ option and automatically starts a backup process.


At whatever point you are done with applying all of the given advances, your request of how to Namecheap Email Backup to the hard drive will be done. Since you are particularly mindful of the motorized plan, let us become familiar with the item that we are examining.

Why Might it be Fitting for us to go for the Tool?

So if you were pondering how to Namecheap Email Backup to the external hard drive. We offers you an answer by referring to one contraption, which is known as the software. As of now, we need to acknowledge what are the components that this instrument suffers from and how it can help us:

  • The item enables Bache migration and specific development as well
  • Having a basic interface, customers are insinuating the stool over some other
  • It stays aware of 100% data uprightness

Author Suggestion

In this blog, we have told you how to take Namecheap email backup. Now you can download the software and complete a stress-free Namecheap emails backup. If you have any questions about Namecheap email backup concerning, feel free to connect to our technical support team.