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Open PST File Without Outlook – Secure & Reliable Way

Justin Cener ~ Modified: September 26th, 2023 ~ How to ~ 7 Minutes Reading

Throughout this article, we will share the top ways and methods to open PST file without Outlook. Along with that, we will share an automated utility that makes the entire process hassle-free so users don’t have to depend on any other platform to open their PST files.

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PST aka Personal Storage Table is one of the proprietary formats of MS Outlook. Although PST is one of the best formats, it is exclusive for its own platform. This makes it inconvenient for users to share PST files. Moreover, there are numerous situations where users find themselves wanting to open PST file to access its data, however, it is not possible due to its email client dependency.

Why the Need to Open PST Files Arise?

  • Users don’t have access to their desktop.
  • One does not want to install and set up MS Outlook.
  • User’s Outlook subscription has expired and they do not wish to renew it.
  • Someone else has sent you a PST file and you’re not an Outlook user.

Due to these reasons, users look for ways to open PST file without Outlook. Therefore, we are here with the top-rated ways to do so. Following are two manual solutions that involve saving PST files into different formats. Along with that, we have also brought an automated utility for a dependency-free process to open PST files without Outlook.

Open PST File by Converting to TXT Format

  • Open Outlook and select a preferred email you want to convert to TXT.
  • Upon selecting the email, click on File.
  • Then, select the “Save As” option and select TXT as the export format.
  • At last, save your file and locate it on the drive. This makes it easier to share it to any user who doesn’t use Outlook.

So, this is how you can convert your PST files to TXT format and share them to non-Outlook users easily.

Open PST File by Converting to HTML Format

  • Open your PST file and select the preferred email of your choice.
  • Now click on File >> Save As and save the file in HTML format by selecting for the HTML format option.

And that is all for opening PST files by converting them to the HTML format. This helps in sharing the converted PST file. Now, let us move on and see the professional solution on accomplishing the task in a hassle-free manner.

The Expert-Recommended Way to Open PST Files

If you do not have the appropriate email client to open the files or you do not want any kind of dependency to open the PST files, this solution is for you. Yes, we are talking about none other than the expert-favorite Corbett Email Viewer Tool. The splendid utility is adorned with specially designed features to make the whole process extremely easy-to-execute for users.

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Moreover, it keeps the original structure and formatting of user-uploaded files intact and unaltered throughout the process. The utility comes with a dedicated panel for users to preview their PST files. The panel contains four different modes that display different attributes of the uploaded files. Along with that, you can use this tool on any windows machine as it is fully compatible with all versions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Open PST File Without Outlook

  • Download and install the above-mentioned expert tool on your Windows System. Once started, click on the “Open” tab on the top left corner.
    launch the tool and click on open to open pst file
  • Then, select Email Data Files >> Outlook PST Files >> Choose File or Choose Folder from the dropdown menu.
    select email data files > pst file > choose file or folder
  • Upon browsing and selecting preferred files, the software will automatically load them in the dedicated preview panel where you can preview your uploaded files.
  • The panel consists of four different view modes that display different attributes of the user uploaded PST files.
    preview uploaded PST file data

And you’re done with the steps to open your PST files using the expert favorite utility. The automated software makes the entire process extremely hassle-free and secure. Moreover, it does not alter the original formatting and structure of your PST files.

Advantages of Opting for the Utility

  • You can proficiently open PST file/s even in batch mode using the tool without any hassle.
  • It does not alter the original folder hierarchy and structure of user PST files throughout the process.
  • The easy-to-navigate interface makes executing the process easier especially for novice users.
  • The dedicated preview panel contains four different view modes that display different attributes of user uploaded PST files.
  • It also allows you to sort your files based on a keyword or different email fields such as CC, BCC, Subject, etc.
  • The utility is fully supported by all Windows versions, thus, one can use it on any Windows machine regardless of the version they use.

So, these are the prominent features of the tool. Furthermore, we have also shared two manual solutions that you can use to open PST file in MS Outlook according to what Outlook version you use.

Open PST File in MS Outlook 2010 and Latest Versions

  • Open your MS Outlook application and click on the “File” tab in the top left corner.
  • Then, select the “Open & Export” tab and choose “Open Outlook Data File” from the menu.
  • Now, browse and select the PST file you want to open and click OK.

Open PST File with MS Outlook 2007 or Older Versions

  • Open MS Outlook and click File >> Open.
  • Click on Import. A new “Outlook Import/Export Assistant” window will open.
  • Click “Import from other programs or files” and click Next.
  • Select the “Personal Storage Table (.pst)” option and click “Next”.
    To be on the safe side, ensure that you select the “Allow duplicates to be created” option before replacing your old files.
  • At last, click Next and select the preferred storage location for the file. Click Finish and upon doing so, click you will be able to open and access your PST file.

So, these are the two different ways you can open your PST file in MS Outlook depending on what version you use. However, these methods come with certain limitations that make them unappealing to users.

Drawbacks of these Manual Solutions

  • Both of these solutions are dependent on MS Outlook i.e., if a user does not use the email client application, then this method is not applicable to them.
  • Even if you are an Outlook user, you can not open a corrupted PST file using these solutions. This is because these methods only work when the user’s file is healthy.

So There You Have It

In this blog post, we shared with you the top ways to open PST file. We explained two manual solutions and one expert utility. However, the manual solutions are dependent on MS Outlook. Whereas, using the automated solution, you can open and access any PST file of yours without any email client dependency. Hence, countless technical professionals recommend users go for the above-mentioned expert solution as it makes the entire process hassle-free. If you found this article helpful, do share it with other users in need.

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