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Best Way to Import PST to Gmail Without Outlook – Complete User Guide

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Are you tired of searching for a solution on how to import PST to Gmail Without Outlook application? Then, don’t worry about the solution. Because in this Tech guide we will guide you to convert PST to Gmail without Outlook installation.

Before starting the import PST file to Gmail without the Outlook process. Firstly, understand why do users need to import PST into Gmail without using Outlook?

Why Do Users Need to Import PST to Gmail Without Outlook?

Plenty of users is looking for a PST File Converter that can help them to convert a PST File into a Gmail account without any hassle. Beforehand on the PST to Gmail conversion. Let’s understand the user’s query.

User’s Query
In the below-mentioned user query. You can read why users need to import PST to Gmail without Outlook application. There are plenty of users who are stuck in this PST to Gmail conversion. But there is no direct manual solution to convert PST to Gmail without Outlook accounts.

PST to Gmail user query 1

Import PST to Gmail User query 2

Google’s Response to a User Query

User Query Reply

In the above-mentioned user, query replied. You can see that to import a PST file to Gmail you need to install Outlook to complete the process. Without Outlook there is no manual method available to convert PST to Gmail.

But, don’t worry we have an Expert solution to Convert PST Files to EML using the Convert.

What Is the Best Way to Import PST to Gmail Without Outlook

There is one more option to import a PST file to Gmail using the manual methods.

Before starting the procedure., Let’s understand what is GWMMO.

What is Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook Tool?

Google offers a service called Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook.
GWMMO is another name for GWMMO.

GWMMO (Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook) is a tool that allows Microsoft Outlook users to migrate their existing mail, calendar events, and personal contacts from a Microsoft Exchange account or PST file to any Google Workspace account.

An easy-to-follow wizard will guide you through the process of setting up and running your migration. The application can also be used as a command-line tool.

You can use GWMMO to:

  • Import mail, calendar, and contact data all at once or in phases.
  • Import only mail that was received before or after a certain date.
  • Importing trash mail and deleted items isn’t necessary.
  • Specific mail folders can be excluded from being imported (requires running the command-line utility)
  • Keep track of your migration’s progress.
  • The migration can be easily paused and resumed.
  • Run additional migrations that only import fresh data (not data that has previously been imported).

GWMMO only imports your contacts; it does not import your company’s Global Address List. Your domain administrator uses a tool like Google Cloud Directory Sync to import the global addresses.

Method 1: Import PST Files to Gmail Account Using GWMMO Tool

1: On your local PC or computer, download and install the G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook (GSMMO) Tool.
2: After that, open the GSMMO setup.
3: Next, input your Gmail account ID and click Continue.

input your Gmail account ID

4: In the next step, the tool shows you this message and opens your browser to log in to the Gmail account. Select Continue to open the browser.

Select Continue to open the browser

5: Now, click the Allow option to give the tool access to migrate.

click the Allow option to give the tool access

6. Select the PST file you want to import from the drop-down menu and click the Next button.

click the Next button

7. Now you can customize the migration procedure to meet your needs and click the Migrate button.

click the Migrate button

8: On your local machine’s screen, the tool will now show you the tool’s current status.

 tool's current status

9: A notice will appear once the process has been completed successfully. Now press the OK button.

process has been completed successfully

10: After your PST file has been successfully migrated, visit your Gmail account and verify that all of your PST items have been imported.

GWMMO Method Drawbacks: 

This method necessitates technical understanding. otherwise, you may find yourself in an unfavorable situation. These are the potential stumbling point you’ll encounter if you use this method:

  • Users can only import readable PST files. read-only PST files cannot be imported.
  • It does not accept accounts for data duplication in the PST file that will be uploaded to Gmail.
  • This approach only allows one Gmail account to open PST files at a time.
  • The GWMMO approach requires users to download and install a number of programs, including GWMMO and MS Outlook.
  • When importing PST files into multiple Gmail accounts, users must do so one at a time.
  • In the process that the “import PST files to Gmail” task is interrupted, users need to restart it.
  • It informs users that they must time out if they want to transfer big amounts of data to Gmail over a slow connection.
  • When importing PST files into Gmail, common problems include 0x80040109, 0x80041066, 0x80070035, and so on.
  • Importing partial categories of Email, Calendar, Contacts, and so on is not possible with Gmail.
  • This approach does not import journal entries, Outlook Notes, tasks, or RSS feeds to the Gmail account.

Method 2: Expert Solution to Import PST to Gmail Without Outlook Account

To directly import PST to a Gmail account using this Professional PST Converter Tool to directly convert emails into Google mail without any long procedure. There is no need to worry about your data security and safety. This tool maintains your file structure and folder hierarchy during the import procedure.

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Also. this tool enables you to import PST files with attachments, Calendars, Contacts, Journals, Tasks, and Notes. With this tool you can easily add filters in the above email attributes to only import into Gmail. This tool also enables you to preview PST emails into multiple advanced preview modes.

Steps to Start the PST File to Gmail Import Without Outlook

1. Start the tool downloading and click the Open button

select Open button
2. Then select Email Data Files to view the PST files option. Then, click the Outlook PST option.

select Outlook PST file
3. After that, choose a file from a folder and browse the stored PST file.

browse the stored PST files
4. Next, select the email message to get a visible preview tab. After that select the options in the preview tab to get a PST message preview.

preview PST files
5. Moving forward to the Export option in the ribbon bar and click Gmail from the drop-down options.

select Gmail from the Export
6. Finally, select Save in the Gmail Export Option to start the Import PST File to Gmail process.

select Save to start the process

PST to Gmail Application’s Beneficial Features

In the Gmail Export Options Windows, you will get the following options to enable and disable as per your requirements.

  • Create Empty Folders: This option offers you to disable the availability of creating empty folders in the Gmail account after the PST to Gmail import process.
  • Skip Greyed Out Folders: You can enable this option to skip the greyed-out color folders in the import procedure.
  • Include Email Headers: In case your email messages contain email headers part i.e., from, to, subject, and other details. So, you can easily remove the email header from your email messages before the import process.

advance features

  • Append into Default Folders: With this option, you can directly import the Outlook PST messages into the Gmail-created folder. If you already created the same folder. Then, this option will help you to import PST files into the default Gmail folders.
  • Backup Folder Name: You can change the backup folder name. This tool provides you with the option to change the name of your imported PST files.
  • Backup Email Address & Password: In this option, you need to enter your Gmail account id and password to import the .pst files to your Gmail account directly.

enter Gmail credentials

Author’s Suggestion

In this blog, we discuss 2 methods to import PST to Gmail without Outlook account. Users can choose any method based on their requirements. The manual method requires both technical knowledge and time, On the other hand. The automatic method completes the procedure within a few minutes.

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