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How to Save Outlook Emails to OneDrive? Quick Solutions!

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Summary: This article will explore various methods to save Outlook emails to OneDrive. We will provide you with reliable and working solutions to accomplish this task effectively. So, read the post till the end and get the best solutions to save Outlook email attachments to OneDrive. Let’s get started.

Microsoft Outlook remains the top priority for business communication and collaboration in the workplace. To ensure the security and accessibility of data, it’s essential to store them on a secure platform.

Microsoft itself provides a cloud storage platform, i.e., OneDrive. It is a secure and reliable solution to save and manage Outlook emails. In the next section of the post, we will discuss the benefits of having a backup channel and various methods to save Outlook emails to OneDrive automatically.

Here are the topics we will be discussing through the post.

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Why Backup Outlook to OneDrive?

There are multiple benefits of saving Outlook 365 emails to OneDrive. Some of them are listed below:

  • Data Backup & Security: Storing emails on OneDrive adds a layer of security to your data. Also, one can quickly restore their email in case of data loss or compliance requirements.
  • Storage Optimization: By archiving old emails to OneDrive, you can easily optimize storage space for new emails. In addition, by saving old emails to OneDrive, you’ll get a clutter-free mailbox.
  • Offline Access: Once you save Outlook email attachments to OneDrive, you can download a specific email or folder to access the data offline. This feature is useful when you are traveling.
  • Data Loss & Recovery: This is the prime benefit of saving Outlook 365 emails to OneDrive. In the event of accidental deletion or data loss, you can quickly recover your data.

These are some reasons why you should save Outlook email attachments to OneDrive. Now, let’s check out the procedure to complete this process.

Free Way to Save Outlook Emails to OneDrive Automatically

The manual procedure to save Outlook email attachments to OneDrive is divided into two segments. Users will export emails from Windows Outlook to MSG format in the first segment.

Once you successfully export data from Outlook, then we will head toward the procedure to upload Outlook MSG files to OneDrive. Also, remember that the manual solution only works with one email at a time. Users have to repeat the process over and over again to complete the process.

If you are in a hurry and want a reliable & efficient solution, go with the Corbett automated solution, which allows you to batch save Outlook emails to OneDrive by exporting them to another format.

#1) Export Outlook Emails to MSG

  • Open Outlook.
  • Navigate to the folder where the email is stored.
  • Select the email message & drag and drop emails to the desktop.
  • Now, your email message will be saved in MSG format.

#2) Backup Outlook 365 Emails to OneDrive

  • Open Browser.
  • Log in with your Outlook Owa.
  • Now, click on the OneDrive Icon from the application list.
  • Create a new folder in OneDrive & Upload data using File/Folder.
  • That’s it to save Outlook email attachments to OneDrive

Expert Way to Save Outlook Email Attachments to OneDrive

With a manual solution, you can save a single Outlook 365 message to OneDrive, and for bulk archiving to OneDrive, that’s not a reliable approach. Thus, one can use Corbett PST File Converter to automate the process.

It is an automated program that allows you to export Outlook & Outlook 365 data to multiple document formats, file formats, email servers & desktop clients. Also, the application offers you a separate option to extract & save Outlook Email Addresses and Attachments to OneDrive.

The application is compatible with all editions of Windows OS.  In addition to that, a demo version of the software is available that you can download to evaluate the performance of the toolkit. So, download the software & understand how to save Outlook emails to OneDrive automatically.

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Accurate Way to Save Outlook Emails to OneDrive

  • Download & Run the software on Windows OS.
  • Click on Open >> Add Email Account >> Enter Office 365 Credentials.
    add outlook 365 account
  • Now, the software will generate a preview of Outlook 365 data in 4+ modes.
    Preview emails
  • Next, click on the Export Tab & Select the required format from the list.
    save outlook attachments to onedrive
  • Lastly, apply the Data Filters & Click Save to archive Outlook emails to OneDrive.
    click save to backup Outlook emails to OneDrive automatically

Follow this sequence to save Outlook emails to OneDrive: Open OneDrive >> Upload Files >> Select Files/ Folder option.

Steps to Save Outlook Attachments to OneDrive

  • Run the Corbett Software.
  • Click on Open >> Email Data Files >> Upload PST File.
    upload PST to OneDrive
  • Now, preview the PST emails with associated attachments.
    Preview emails
  • Click on the Extract button & select the Attachments option.
    save Outook attachments to OneDrive
  • Apply Filters & Click Save to backup O365 attachments to OneDrive.
    save Outlook emails to OneDrive automatically

Questions? We Have Answers!

Q) How to upload emails to OneDrive?

  • Login to OneDrive.
  • Click on the New button.
  • Select the Folder button & name it.
  • Open the folder & Click on the upload button.
  • Select files/folders to upload emails to OneDrive.

Q) Can I Directly Backup Outlook.com emails to OneDrive?

There is no direct option backup Outlook Owa mailbox to OneDrive. First, Export Microsoft 365 Mailbox to PST,  then upload it to OneDrive.

Q) Can I Save multiple emails to OneDrive at once?

To backup all Outlook emails to OneDrive at once, follow the steps.

  • Open OneDrive.
  • Click on Upload & Select Folder option.
  • Browse Folder containing all the email messages.
  • Click Next to bulk import Outlook mailbox to OneDrive.

So There You Have It

With the growing need for data security in every business. We have highlighted the best way to protect your Outlook emails. In this post, we discussed various methods to save Outlook emails to OneDrive automatically. Our recommendation for you is to go with an automated solution that allows you to batch-save emails from Outlook 365 & makes the procedure of saving Outlook 365 to OneDrive more reliable & secure.

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