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Best Solution to Migrate Emails from Rackspace to Office 365 Account

Shaks George ~ Modified: February 3rd, 2023 ~ How to ~ 7 Minutes Reading

Switch from Rackspace to Office 365 or migrate emails from Rackspace to Office 365 account in bulk? can be done in a few simple steps.

In this blog, we’ll talk about how you can migrate your emails from Rackspace to your Office 365 account, so you can have seamless communication in your business. With the help of this article, you can effortlessly migrate emails from Rackspace to Office 365 account.

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Takeaway: The migration from Rackspace to Office 365 is a complex and time-consuming process. However, if you’re able to find a trusted solution, it is possible to migrate without losing any data in the process. Here, we will guide you on how to migrate emails from Rackspace to Office 365 with complete data protection.

What are Rackspace and Office 365?

Rackspace is a popular multi-cloud services provider in the booming market of Hosting, email services, cloud development, and other services. It is presently used by most eCommerce websites, IT solutions providers, SaaS Enterprises, and many more organizations.

Recently, Rackspace confirmed it was hit by a ransomware attack that affected its email services. In response to this, many organizations and businesses that use Rackspace start migrating to Office 365.

Office 365 is a cloud-powered productivity platform designed by Microsoft. In Microsoft O365 you will get the latest productivity apps for your businesses, such as Microsoft Team, Word Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, and many more interesting apps. Also, it can easily be used in any system and device.

However, Office 365 is a subscription that provides the most collaborative apps, up-to-time features, and many more enterprise benefits along with complete data security and safety.

Why Migrate Emails from Rackspace to Office 365?

There is no doubt that Rackspace is a powerful service provider with all collaborative apps and tools. But, because of recent ransomware attacks and data breaches may occur in the Rackspace mail services. Due to this plenty of users migrate their data from Rackspace.

In comparison with Rackspace, Office 365 is more reliable with services, apps, tools, features, and data security. Also, Microsoft O365 comes up with plenty of advantages that leaders users to migrate emails from Rackspace to Office 365:

What Office 365 Provides?

Microsoft Office 365 offers users, plenty of benefits including:

  • Easily access files from any place and location
  • A complete secure cloud storage space for all Office 365 users
  • Enrich communication with collaborative businesses and clients
  • Up-to-date features with beneficial options for both personal and professional users
  • A simple-to-use and user-friendly graphical interface

Preparation Needed for Rackspace to Office 365 Migration?

  • Complete backup of your Rackspace mailboxes, Folders, Contacts, and Calendars on the source server
  • Delete the unwanted, unused, and empty mailboxes, mail items, and duplicate files from the source.
  • Make a directory of items before you start the migration process.
  • Specify the size of the mailbox data and the number of files and folders you want to migrate from Rackspace to Office 365.
  • Make appropriate user mailboxes on Microsoft Office 365 accounts and assign licenses to all of them.
  • Confirm enough network frequency and capability for Rackspace to Office 365 migration.
  • Think about Office 365’s throttling and message size limits.
  • Stakeholders and end users should be informed of the migration plan and changes.
  • Test your migration before starting the real migration.
  • Verify the endpoints, update the MX records, and begin the actual migration.
  • All users should be configured with Outlook to ensure correct mail flow.
  • Post-migration plans to decommission unused apps and settings

Migrate Emails from Rackspace to Office 365 Professionally

Start the migration of emails from Rackspace to an Office 365 account with the Corbett IMAP Migration Tool. It enables you to effortlessly migrate the emails from your Rackspace account emails to your Office 365 account easily. Also, there is no need to be a technical person to perform the admin account migration.

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With the assistance of this utility, you can reliably perform the Rackspace to Office 365 migration within a few seconds. Also, this tool supports performing backup, migration, and conversion processes as well.

That means you can use this tool for your Rackspace email backup before performing the migration. Now, follow the below steps to perform the procedure of migrate emails from Rackspace to Office 365 account.

Rackspace Emails to Office 365 Migration Steps

1. Download this Rackspace to Office 365 migration tool in your Windows OS and click Open.

download Rackspace to Office 365 migration
2. Then, click the Email Accounts option and Add Account from the provided options.

add rackspace account
3. After that enter your Rackspace account credentials and hit the Advanced Setting for IMAP server and IMAP port. By clicking the Find button, both the empty fields will automatically be filled with auto-detect ability. and finally, click add option.

add rackspace account credentials
4. The tool will start analyzing the data and start showing them in the preview panel

preview Rackspace emails
5. Now, click the Export option and select the Office 365 option.

migrate Rackspace emails to Office 365
6. Next, the tool will show you the Office 365 Export options window. Where you have to enter your O365 account credentials and enable the advanced options according to your needs and hit the Save button.

select save to start Rackspace to Office 365 migration

The tool will migrate emails from Rackspace to Office 365 process as soon as you hit the Save button. However, after completing the migration process, it will show you a success message along with an Open Office 365 button to preview the resultant data. Also, this tool intact the complete mailbox file structure and folder hierarchy throughout the migration.

Benefits of Rackspace to Office 365 Migration Tool

  • Automatic Email Migration: This tool supports a direct migration of email data from Rackspace to an Office 365 account with the help of this utility. It removes the manual process of length and time-taking procedures. A technical free direct solution for migrating emails from Rackspace to Office 365.
  • Maintains Complete Integrity: With this tool, you can easily transfer your Rackspace account data with complete security and integrity. It keeps complete data integrity throughout the Rackspace to Office 365 migration.
  • Bulk Data Migration: It enables you to migrate bulk data without data restrictions and size limits on files and folders. It saves users time and effort and provides multiple selection options as well.
  • Multi-Preview Modes: The Rackspace to Office 365 migration tool provides you with four different email preview panels to open and view the Rackspace emails before migrating them. Such preview modes like Content, Email Header, Raw Message, and Hex View.
  • Free Demo Version: Users will get a free demo version for installation. By downloading and using the tool, you will understand how this tool functions and what benefits it will provide you in the migration emails from Rackspace to Office 365 process.

Author’s Suggestion

Migration of emails from one account to another is hectic work to perform. However, the most difficult task of migrate emails from Rackspace to Office 365 is, a user must have a strong knowledge of data migration and other technical parts that will be used in the manual procedure. To make your work more easy and simple, here we provided the direct Rackspace to Office 365 migration tool. That can be used for migrating emails from Rackspace to Office 365 accounts with complete data protection and data integrity. The advanced algorithms of this utility secure the data from all harmful attacks and provided multiple options to customize your migration according to your suitability.

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