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How to Migrate Email from Axigen to Thunderbird – Quickly Explained

Shaks George ~ Modified: August 25th, 2023 ~ Export ~ 5 Minutes Reading
Concerning Axigen, this email organization maintains both paying little heed to if you are having a Windows old and new working versions. It maintains a POP 3. Regardless of the way that Axigen offers a huge load of phenomenal features, there are certain limits because of which people export Axigen email to Thunderbird. In this article, we can discuss everything

Mozilla Thunderbird is a safe and featured email client which helps you with dealing with your messages gainfully. It offers some remarkable features like spam isolating, splendid coordinators, etc. The record plan that this email client uses is MBOX and it eliminates the trash mail. Thus, in case you are thinking about what are a couple of various approaches to convert Axigen email to Thunderbird, then this article is the best solution for you.

Here, we will understand the reasons behind converting messages to Thunderbird and how should we export them suitably. You can also read Transfer GMX Emails to Thunderbird

Why Export Axigen Emails to Mozilla Thunderbird

These are the reasons why customers slant toward Thunderbird email over Axigen:

  • Having in-box channels, Thunderbird grants customers to sort the inbox messages thusly into envelopes. While Axigen messages simply work for the manual game plan
  • Concerning Axigen, it uses the POP3 show, considering which customers can simply get to their email things from their local machine. Thunderbird maintains IMAP
  • Customers get an opportunity to keep various messages open to get expedient permission to it
  • It helps customers with avoiding email stunts, which can get all your characterized data
  • Its rapid request decision enables customers to find all of the fundamental messages with no issue
These were some state-of-the-art features of Thunderbird email under which most prominent customers import Axigen emails to Thunderbird. You can also read Transfer IncrediMail Emails to Thunderbird

How to Import Axigen Emails to Thunderbird Step by Step?

There are various options you have to complete the process of Axigen Emails migration, one recommended software that you should use is a tool. We all are aware that there is no manual method to migrate Axigen emails to thunderbird, but this Email Migration tool allows us to get done with it conveniently.

There are many tools that either support Windows old version or new version, but with the help of this software, You can use it in both windows old and new versions. One of the most special parts of this Axigen Email Backup Tool is that it is perfect for both technical and non-technical users due to its user interface. When it is about migrating data, you might be thinking that you will have a tough time but the software gives you an amazing experience without any difficulties.

Corbett wizard is a tool that is expressly expected to finish these export measures. Delivery us through this blog to fathom the entire pattern to migrate Axigen emails to Thunderbird:

Step to Export Axigen Emails to Thunderbird

Let’s understand the step by step process of exporting Axigen emails to thunderbird:

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Step 1: Download and run the Corbett wizard programming on your PC

launch the software to migrate axigen to thunderbird

Step 2: From that point on, you will be expected to hit the ‘Open’ catch from the most noteworthy mark on the screen

click open

Step 3: The ‘Email Accounts’ option would be there. Select that and a short time later continue with picking ‘Add Accounts’

email accounts >> add account

Step 4: Then, give the email id and Password of your Axigen email id and password. Then go under to hit on ‘Advanced Settings’. 

enter your axigen account credentials

Step 5: Then, enter the IMAP server and tap on ‘Add’ to proceed

fill in IMAP server details

Step 6: The Corbett support and restore wizard will start scrutinizing the records. You can enable the compact view button to view the important folder for the backup process.

enable compact view

Step 7: Then you need to tap on ‘Export’ from the most elevated mark of the screen. Pick ‘Thunderbird’ from the given choices of available email organizations

click export and select thunderbird optionWhy Choose Corbett to Migrate Axigen Emails to Thunderbird

Taking everything into account, the item has some uncommon features that sway customers to go for something almost identical for the change process. Here are the most unique features of this tool:

  • You can migrate boundless data from Axigen to Thunderbird email
  • There’s no essential of having some other external application for completing the process
  • Data uprightness is immaculate when you go for converting messages from Axigen to Thunderbird
  • Concerning data development, there could be no other contraption that can be just probably as secure as this tool
  • The best part is that this tool can be operated on Windows 7,8,10(32/64 bit) & All Below Versions.

Author’s Suggestion

At the point when you complete examining this blog, it almost certainly comes to be unmistakable to you why and how to transfer Axigen emails to Thunderbird in the best ways. With the help of this software, you can directly migrate your Axigen emails to thunderbird without hassle.


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