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How to Download Gmail Folder to Desktop in a Proficient Manner?

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Looking to download Gmail folder to desktop? You are at the right place. We have drafted this technical write-up to guide you on the topic. In this article, we are going to discuss different methods you can use to save Gmail folder to desktop. There is one manual method and the other involves an automated tool. Keep reading to get updated with the guidance and solutions provided here.

There are countless reasons why you may want to download Gmail folder to desktop. Perhaps you are leaving an old job, or simply taking a backup of your vital and sensitive data. Regardless of the reasons, you can apply the methods and solutions provided here to tackle your problem.

But before we dive straight into the methods and techniques, let’s get a quick glance at this Best Software for Email Archiving. This is a boon if you want smooth and efficient results. It has got numerous features. You can download Gmail folder to desktop within a particular date range, be it year to year, month to month, or any specific time stamp. Furthermore, using this tool, you can locally store your email archives on your computer. In addition, you can extract and archive any specific file item from your email folder, for instance, attachments and contacts. Moreover, this tool contains various advanced features that help you with distinctive searches within your Gmail folder.

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Methods to Download Gmail Folder to Desktop

Here we have one manual method and one automated method to conduct the task. The manual method uses Google takeout whereas the automated method utilizes a professional tool to save Gmail folder to desktop. Let us further explain each method and see which one better fits your requirements.

Manual Approach to Save Gmail Folder to Desktop

This manual technique uses Google Takeout, a service provided by Google to download your Google data and that includes Gmail. So, to go forth with this method, follow the instructions given below.

  1. Open your Google account.
  2. Head into Data & Personalization.
  3. Scroll down till you see Download your Data and click on it. This will lead you to the Google Takeout page.
  4. Now click on the Deselect All option.
  5. Then, scroll down and enable the checkbox in front of the Mail option.
  6. Click on All Mail Data Included.
  7. In there, select the required folders to download Gmail folder to desktop.
  8. Go through all the options such as file type and frequency.
  9. Select Create Export.

This export will come to you in the form of an email link. This link has a limited time duration in which you can download your data from it. Google will send you your exported data in MBOX file format. Furthermore, there are certain limitations that come along with this method.

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Drawbacks of the Manual Technique

  • This is an extremely time-consuming method. On the contrary, users look for quick and time-saving methods. Thus it is not suitable.
  • Using this method, you get your downloaded data in the MBOX format and your attachments and images in the same format as you received them. Therefore, if you would want to transfer this data to some other platform then, you would have to convert it first.
  • Moreover, with this method, you get your data in a (.zip) file which you have to extract first in order to make use of it.

All these restrictions and drawbacks that come along with this method hinder its performance and make it an unsatisfactory process for users. And that is why we have brought an alternative method as well.

Professional Technique to Download Gmail Folder to Desktop

For quick and efficient results, technical experts suggest using a professional tool to save Gmail folder to desktop. Thus, we have brought none other than the expert-recommended Corbett Gmail Email Backup Software. Not only does this tool download Gmail folder to PC in a hassle-free manner but it also does it satisfyingly. All thanks to its splendid features that make the task interesting and uncomplicated.

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Advantageous Features of this Software

  • Download as many folders as you want to your computer; there is no size limitation.
  • Maintains the data integrity, structure, and hierarchy of your folders throughout the process.
  • Converts data in multiple formats; this way you can transfer and use the data on any platform. You can simply choose PDF and keep the backup on your PC.
  • Has amazing filters that sort data by Date Range etc.
  • You can extract even specific items from your folders.
  • Compatible with every version of the Windows Operating System, whether the latest or older.

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with the astonishing features, let’s see how to conduct the steps to download Gmail folder to desktop using this tool.

Steps to Use the Automated Tool

1. Launch and start the software on your Computer. Click the Open button.

start the tool to download Gmail folder to desktop

2. In the dropdown menu, choose Email Accounts >> Add Account.

select add gmail account

3. Then, Add your Gmail account.

add your gmail account

4. Use the filters i.e. Quick & Advanced Search Settings.

use the quick search settings

5. Now, click on the Export button and select the desired file format.

select the export button

6. Select the folders you want to download and Browse the location to save the resultant files.

browse and choose location

7. Use the Advanced options as per your requirements and click Save.

click save to save the resultant files


So, there you have it, an effortless and versatile solution to download Gmail folder to desktop. Although we have shed two methods; one manual and one automated, the manual one comes with restrictions that make the whole process unworthy of the user’s time and effort. Therefore, technical experts advise going for a professional solution instead.