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How to Convert Thunderbird to PST? Complete Process!

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Today, there are a number of email clients available that offer different features and functionality. Mozilla Thunderbird is one such email client widely used by users all over the world. However, due to certain reasons, users may need to convert Thunderbird to PST and some of the common reasons are listed below.

  • Moving data to a reliable & more secure platform.
  • Better integration with Microsoft productive applications.
  • Improved & enhanced searchability & organization of email messages.

However, the Thunderbird to PST Conversion Process can be a bit tricky and complicated for users who are not familiar with technical concepts. Therefore, in this article, we will provide you with three different solutions on how Thunderbird exports to PST with all attributes in the most reliable way. So, let’s begin the post. Here are the topics that we will discuss throughout the post.

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Export Thunderbird to PST using IMAP Account

This is a free technique to convert Thunderbird mail to PST format, and this process has three different phases for the whole conversion process which include:

  • Creation of a new Gmail Account
  • Account Configuration for Thunderbird to Gmail.
  • Setup Same Gmail in Microsoft Client

Once you have successfully completed these three phases, then you can easily convert Thunderbird to PST format. So, now let’s check out the steps to complete the conversion process manually.

Create New Gmail Account

Once you have successfully created a new Gmail account, you must continue to enable IMAP in Google Mail and create an app password to complete phase 2 of the conversion.

Steps to Enable IMAP in Gmail:

  • Open Gmail >> Gear Icon >> See all Settings >> Forwarding and POP/IMAP >> Enable IMAP

Steps to Create App Password in Gmail:

  • Open Gmail >> Enable 2 Factor Authentication >> Search for App Password >> Select Mail >> Windows >> Copy App Password.

Configure Gmail to Thunderbird Account

In phase 2, you need to add the Gmail account in Thunderbird and move all the data to the new Gmail account. So, follow the steps mentioned below to convert Thunderbird to PST format.

  • Run Thunderbird >> File >> New >> Existing Mail Account.
  • Now, enter the login details (user name & app password) in the required field.
  • Next, Thunderbird will automatically detect the Incoming & Outgoing Servers.
  • Once the configuration process gets done create a folder in your Gmail account.
  • Lastly, move your Thunderbird emails to the custom-created folder.

Setup Same Gmail Account in Microsoft

  • Open Microsoft Desktop Client.
  • Click on File >> Add Account >> Manual Configuration.
  • Next, select the POP or IMAP radio button & click Next.
  • Provide the necessary details & click on Next.
  • Your account will be set up to export Thunderbird to PST.

This is how Thunderbird export emails to PST format manually. Well, this method is very time-consuming and has associated limitations which are listed below.

  • Gmail only offers 15GB of cloud storage
  • Don’t move a large mailbox, the file might get corrupted.
  • This process can take up to 2-3 days depending upon the amount of data.

Secure Way to Export Thunderbird to PST

The manual procedure to convert Thunderbird to PST is quite lengthy & time-consuming. If you want a secure & reliable conversion process, then go with Corbett Email Converter Tool. It’s an advanced solution that allows direct conversion of Thunderbird emails to PST format.

Not only this, but the software also has the ability to autodetect the configured Thunderbird source file location and allows you to convert entire folder data to PST format with all the attributes. A demo edition of the software is also available that you can install to initiate the Thunderbird to PST Conversion process.

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Quick Steps to Convert Thunderbird to PST

  • Install & Run Thunderbird to PST Converter.
  • Click on Open >> Desktop Client >> Thunderbird.
  • Select Profile & Preview Thunderbird Data.
  • Next, click on Export & select “PST” from the list.
  • Click Save to export Thunderbird emails to PST.

Detailed Steps to Convert Thunderbird Mail to PST

  1. Download & Run the software on Windows OS.
  2. Now, Click on the Open Button & Select Desktop Client From the List.
  3. Click on Thunderbird & select a required profile from the list.
    convert thunderbird to pst
  4. Next, the software will generate a preview of Thunderbird Mailbox emails.
  5. Preview entire Thunderbird data in 4+Modes with attachments.
    Preview emails
  6. Afterward, click on the “Export” button & select “PST” from the list.
    Select PST file
  7. Lastly, apply the data filters, and click on the “Save” button to convert Thunderbird to PST.
    export Thunderbird to PST

Thunderbird Export Emails to PST Using WLM

This process also has three different phases to convert Thunderbird Mail to PST format. Also, there are some restrictions with this method that it only works with lower editions of Windows OS, because Windows Live Mail was discontinued after Windows 7. So if you want to know about the conversion process, follow the steps mentioned below. Forever.

Export Thunderbird Emails to EML

  • Open Thunderbird.
  • Select the email messages that you wish to convert.
  • Now, make right-click & select the “Save As” Option from the list.
  • Browse the location to save data & click on the “Save” button.

Import EML File to Windows Live Mail

  • Open the WLM & click the “File” tab.
  • Now select the “Import Messages” option from the drop-down.
  • Afterward, choose “Import from an EML file” & Click Next.
  • Browse the location where EML files are stored.
  • Click “Next” to import the resultant file in the WLM app.

Export Windows Live Mail to PST Format

  • Open WLM & Click on File
  • Select Export Email >> Email Messages > Microsoft Exchange.
  • Browse the location to save emails in PST format & click “Next”.
  • At last use Import/Export Wizard to export Thunderbird to PST.

Questions? We Have Answers!

Q) Can I Convert Thunderbird to PST Manually?

To export Thunderbird emails to PST Manually, you can use Windows Live Mail App. This process includes three phases:

Q) Will I lose any data during the Thunderbird to PST conversion process?

No, the user will not lose any data during the conversion process only if you are using the automated solution. The manual method may include the possibility of data loss and corruption.

Q) Why do I need to convert Thunderbird to PST?

There are multiple reasons why users want to export Thunderbird to PST format.

  • You want to move to a more reliable platform.
  • To get better management of user mailbox data.
  • You are switching from Thunderbird to the Microsoft platform.

Q) Is the manual solution safe to export Thunderbird to PST format?

The manual solution is time-consuming & there are high chances of data damage during the batch conversion. Our recommendation is to go with the Corbett Software solution that delivers 100% accurate results.

Concluding Words

This post highlights different ways to convert Thunderbird to PST format. Here we have discussed three different techniques to complete the conversion process. Our recommendation for users is to go with Corbett automated solution as the manual solution to export Thunderbird to PST Format is unreliable and more time-consuming.

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