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Why is Gmail Not Working? Solved Query

Shaks George ~ Published: February 18th, 2022 ~ Tips ~ 5 Minutes Reading

This article will answer your queries regarding Why is Gmail not working? If you are facing the same query Why is My Gmail Not Working? Then read this blog post to know the reasons why Gmail is Not Working on your computer.

There are numerous reasons why the Google account is not working. Some of the common reasons we listed below are to solve this query.

Why is my Gmail not working

Causes of Gmail Account Not Working

This blog will guide you to fit the issues when your Gmail is not working in a web browser, including simple and more advanced troubleshooting ways to get Gmail Working.

There are countless reasons why Gmail might not work or not load correctly. The browser may be conflicting with Gmail Account or a browser extension could be meddling with Gmail’s working.

There is only one way to solve it, you may need to wipe out the browser cache and cookies. Or maybe there are other issues with the Gmail service or your Internet connectivity. And, privacy settings may be interrupting with Gmail Account.

How to Fix It When Gmail Not Working?

There are many reasons why your Gmail isn’t working. Some of the troubleshooting reach from basic to advanced that requires technical expertise to solve. But in this blog, we discuss both the simple and technical solutions.

After completing the reading you will solve your query on “Why is my Gmail not working” because after that you can say my Gmail is working without any worry.

1. Restart your computer system:

To resolve this issue, this is the best method. Sometimes, this simple fix solves the problem and is always worth a try. You can restart the system and your Gmail starts working.
restart your computer

2. Make sure the browser is compatible with Gmail:

Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers work well with Gmail, but there are some more browsers that don’t. If you are using any other browser and your Gmail is not working then you should check in other browsers as well. If you have issues and you know the browser is compatible, then you may enable cookies and javascript.
Make sure the browser is compatible with Gmail
3. Try to use another browser such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Konqueror, Lynx, Brave, DuckDuckgo, and so on. Or you can use another device to access your Gmail account. If you have another supported browser installed on your Computer system, then access Gmail from there to know if it works or not.
browser is compatible with Gmail

4. The Gmail storage space is full:

Due to storage running out in the Gmail account causes Gmail not to work in scenarios. You need to free up Gmail storage that is 15GB provided by Google. First, use Gmail Backup Solution to store data from Gmail.

Gmail storage space is full
5. Check your browser extensions or plug-ins:

If you don’t have complete knowledge of browser extensions then don’t add extensions to your browser. Or plug-in may also be a conflict with Gmail and causes it not to load properly. Remove unnecessary extensions and plug-ins from your inbuilt browser. For the present turn off each extension and plug-in and then load Gmail to see if Gmail starts working that fixes the problem.
browser extensions or plug-ins

6. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies:

This is also an important point for Gmail is not working situation. Cleaning the cache and deleting cookies deletes your browser history and personalizations, but it may try if the other troubleshooting steps failed. Check if the problem is resolved by loading Gmail again.
Clear your browser's cache and cookies

7. Verify that Gmail is not down:

Even though it’s rare, Gmail might do down. Because Google Workspace status dashboard provides you a real-time look at whether any Google service is working down. Alternatively, you can check to see if Gmail is down at popular sites like down for everyone or just for me or down detector. There’s nothing you can do if Gmail is down except wait it out.
Verify that Gmail is not down:

8. Disable antivirus software temporarily:

Sometimes software that scans your computer daily, such as an antivirus tool or parental control software, may dispute with other applications like Gmail. You may disable these tools for a short time if you have them. After checking Gmail you can re-enable them.
Disable antivirus software temporarily

Note: Make sure your anti-spyware, anti-malware, or firewall software does not label Gmail as potentially unsafe.

9. Change the privacy settings in your browser:

If you already set your browser settings high, there’s a tine chance this may be preventing Gmail is not working. If this is the offender, manually add mail.google.com to the list of allowed sites, now your browser connects to your Gmail account.

Change the privacy settings in your browser

10. Contact Gmail Support:

If your Gmail is Not Working yet after applying all the above-mentioned methods. In addition to community forums and information, the Gmail Help site offers a wide range of resources. Check out the Help options and post your questions.

Contact Gmail Support

There are plenty of reasons why your Gmail account isn’t functioning. We go over the only fundamental causes that can be solved by anyone with no technological knowledge. However, if you haven’t been able to resolve these difficulties and want to learn more, you may read this blog to learn more. There Are Several Reasons Why Gmail Isn’t Working: Here’s What You Need to Know.

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