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Solved Google Takeout Not Working Error with Best Method

Jared Young ~ Modified: April 6th, 2023 ~ Backup ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Is Google takeout not working? The Google Takeout is a venture by the “Google Data Liberation Front”, which is a free assistance. Google Takeout permits the client to download information from Google items. But if Google takeout not responding then check the best alternative option.

Google Takeout is a free service provider tool that enables all Google users to download their data from all Google platforms directly. It’s a free-to-use service developed by Google for its users. Google Takeout enables all users to easily use the service and take a backup of their data from all the Google services if they want. However, there are some limitations that this free service charges the users. In addition, as a web service, it sometimes not working properly, which causes plenty of users stuck in the middle of the Google Takeout not working error.

Google Takeout can download the items like schedules, contacts, messages, and other data in the ZIP document to a destination place selected by the users. However, downloading the data from Google takeout takes weeks and months for completing the backup and it can take more time depending on the size of data and amount of data.

In this article, We will explain the best alternative for the errors of Google Takeout not working, which can be received rather than Google Takeout.

Circumstances Where Google Takeout Failed to Work

  • Organization association issue: This mistake happens when the web network is lost or halted.
  • Resume alternative isn’t accessible: If you lost the web, there is no choice but to continue the interaction even if the web is associated.
  • Size restriction: Users face blunders when the record size is surpassed. In this way, the element for the most part bombs out for a bigger capacity of information

Common User Queries Related to Google Takeout Not Working Error

I was trying to download the 2GB small file using Google Takeout. I create a ZIP file folder that contains all my contacts and emails. But again & again I get the “Network Fails Message”, I cannot complete my 16GB Gmail archive download.  

Google Takeout network error

For the past few days, I have been trying to download my data containing a few photos taken using my smartphone. On every try, Google Takeout does not allow me to download files and keeps failing. It shows “Unable to Create your Archive”.

google takeout backup not working

How to Fix Google Takeout Not Working Error Manually?

It is very easy to manually resolve the Google Takeout transfer problem by making some small changes. Nonetheless, there can be no manual fix for this error since it is coming from the Google Takeout side. While your Google Takeout does not work persists, you should take a backup of your data using an alternative method i.e., Corbett Gmail Backup Tool. In place of GT, you can use a fully automatic backup tool that will enable you to perform data backups.

Now, follow the below-resolving points that may help you to fix the Google Takeout Not Working Error.

  • Resolve Network Error: Loss of internet connection multiple times may cause the Google takeout transfer not to work error. If you may experience network problems during the process of Google takeout, it may stop and cannot be resumed. You need to restart the process from the scratch.
  • Don’t Exceed Archiving Limits: It is allowed to take out two to three profiles per day, up to seven profiles per week. A certain number of attempts will limit the usability of the services for users. 
  • Concentrate on the Number of Retries: Downloading the archive is limited to a certain number of times. Download links will be out of date if you cannot complete this task within 5-6 attempts. So, be aware of your attempts with the link otherwise you have to retake the process from scratch.
  • Focus on Data Size: The size of your data may cause the Google Takeout Not Working error after completing the backup process. So, before exporting your data from GT make sure your data will be divided into a suitable size.

Still, if you are facing an error then it’s better to use an alternative and avoid the methods to fix this problem. Below, we mentioned the best alternative that easily helps you to export your data from your Google Takeout account smoothly.

Google Takeout Not Working – Try Best Alternative

Several customers experience problems when using Google Takeout’s downloading feature. The Google Takeout error is what causes the client to generally search for another reliable application that can successfully obtain the data. One such approach is to properly export Gmail messages and contacts from the Gmail account using an external tool called Corbett Gmail Migration Software.

It provides a unique feature that allows users to save time and can essentially use the “Pause” option to continue the process if the online connection drops while performing the backup.

There is no restriction on the document size, and it supports Gmail accounts for both single and multiple clients. Additionally, it enables users to access information at their place of employment

Steps to Use Google Takeout Alternative

Follow the steps to complete the backup procedure & resolve Google Takeout not working

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1. First, you need to download and then install software on your device.

2. Once you launch the utility, Open the option on the upper left. Hit that.

3. Select ‘Email Accounts’ and then ‘Add Account’ alternative out of various available options.

4. Provide all the credentials your id and app password. Then, fill in the required space by entering your IMAP server.

5. The software will do its work of browsing your files and then you need to hit on ‘Export’. Finally, select PDF as the file format.

6. Hitting the PDF file will complete your work and congratulations, your backup is ready.


The best methods and advice for resolving the Google Takeout problem are described here. If the manual do-it-yourself fix didn’t work to fix the problem. Then, Users can choose an alternative method that involves a completely automatic tool for data export. You can get more features and benefits by using a tool than you can with a free service.

The utility has a number of cutting-edge features that may simply be used in the process of customizing it to meet your demands. In addition, using the tool takes less time than using Google Takeout. Your productivity and security are improved by using an innovative utility.

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