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How to Export Earthlink Emails to Office 365 in Batch?

Shaks George ~ Modified: June 20th, 2023 ~ How to ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Are you looking for a solution to export Earthlink emails to Office 365 with all attributes? Then this blog will assist you in effortlessly completing the process. Let us clear one thing, there is no manual approach available to accomplish this process. Here we are using Email Converter Software to complete the process effortlessly.

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Earthlink Vs. Office 365 | Quick Overview

Earthlink is an internet service provider company it offers various unique characteristics for homes and small businesses. Although it has the right technology at effective pricing, associates still move their data from Earthlink to Microsoft 365 account for a variety of reasons.

If we head towards Office 365, it is acknowledged to be the most widely recommended business client suite in the market. O365 offers a line of subscriptions to its users with a secure environment.

It’s difficult to make a decision between the two. Why don’t we get a better understanding of some of the key reasons why users need to migrate Earthlink emails to Office 365 account.

Why Transfer Earthlink Emails to Office 365?

When you have to make a choice from Earthlink or Office 365  it’s extremely difficult for anyone to choose the right platform. Here we are explaining some of the core differences of both platforms.

  • Advanced Functionality: The advanced features of O365 has given rise to Microsoft Office 365 due to its numerous benefits and cloud support.
  • Compatibility: Microsoft offers a complete package one can access your email profile using the desktop and web platforms. For Earthlink, users have to install additional applications.
  • Data Storage: If you are working in an organization that deals with large amounts of data, then Microsoft 365 will be the best option for you, which offers additional cloud storage.
  • Workspace That Is Inspiring: MS Office 365 does something remarkable in assisting you with boosting the usefulness of your workplace with the help of a simple UI and incredible features.

How to Export Earthlink Emails to Office 365?

As we have already seen, M365 is the best platform to store email data files, and it has a fantastic line of products. But, the question arises of how you can perform the migration? Well, don’t worry, we will help you to achieve this migration process.

Also, at the beginning of the blog, we have described there is no manual approach available if you still think you can do this process manually, then you probably end up with nothing.

Let us become more familiar with the criteria if you want to apply a manual technique to migrate Earthlink emails to Office 365:

  • Above all, you must be a unique subject matter expert for cooperation.
  • Higher chance of data loss and corruption.
  • Bulk export of data files is not possible.
  • The manual approach requires high knowledge and technical skills.
  • With a manual system, data disaster is almost always a possibility.

Transfer Earthlink Emails to Office 365 – Using the Professional Solution

It might be a difficult task to transfer data from one email provider to the next without having the correct tools. When it comes to migration, make sure you use the best solutions to complete the process. Corbett IMAP Migration Tool  is a well-known utility that is noted for its excellence.

If you’re worried that you’re not good at technical things, don’t be. This automated wizard is extremely profitable for both technical and non-technical users. So, download the mentioned software and move forward with the solution to export Earthlink emails to Office 365.

Steps to Export Earthlink Messages to Office 365

Let’s start the process of exporting Earthlink messages to Office 365 step by step:

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1: Once you downloaded the tool. Open the tool in your framework and see the option ‘Open’ in the top left corner of the screen. press on it.

click on the open button

2: Currently, you must go to the ‘Email Accounts’ option, which may be seen on the screen.

select email accounts > add account
3: To continue, select the ‘Add Accounts’ option. After that, enter your Earthlink email address and password.

provide earthlink login credentials
4: Then you’ll be asked to enter the IMAP server and click the ‘Advanced Settings’ button to continue. As a result, the item will examine all of the key archives.

fill out imap details
5: Finally, pick ‘Office 365’ and click the ‘Export’ button to complete the transfer of Earthlink email to Microsoft 365.

export to office 365

When you’ve completed all of the steps, you’ll need to migrate your Earthlink emails to Office 365 in a timely manner.

Author’s Recommendation

Ideally, this blog was sufficient to assist you in the migration process from Earthlink emails to the M365 account. As there is no manual solution available so, go and download the automated wizard for free. In case you have any doubt feel free to contact us.

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