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Best Method to Migrate Gmail to G Suite Account

Shaks George ~ Modified: January 11th, 2023 ~ Migration ~ 7 Minutes Reading

We are glad to have you here at CorbettSoftware! It is one of our great joys to help those users who are looking for a trusted and reliable solution for Gmail to G Suite migration. In recent times many are looking for a solution to Migrate their account data from Gmail to G Suite. After getting a lot of user queries we finally wrote about it.

This article will show you how to migrate you’re personal or daily used Gmail account to your business Gmail account or Google Workspace (G Suite). To manually migrate data from Google mail to Google Workspace can be done by using the Data Migration Service tool. However, on the other hand, we have a fully automatic software solution to perform this process that is non-other than a Gmail Migration Tool.

Also, this blog post contains other users related queries as well such as:

  • How to Migrate Gmail to G Suite Account?
  • Best Way to Convert Gmail Account to G Suite?
  • Convert Gmail Account to G Suite With Complete Mailbox?

So, there is no need to worry about the data migration from your Gmail account to Google Workspace. All you need to do is read this post till the end. And you will get all your answers step by step when you continue reading it.

How Much Do You Know About Data Migration?

Many of you, don’t know more about the procedure of data migration or Migrate Gmail to G Suite account. And the complete procedure of how to start the process of migrating Gmail to a G Suite account will be explained in this article.

If you are a non-technical user and have the least knowledge of data migration from Gmail to a G Suite account.

It’s great! Let’s get started.

There are a few essential items you must take care of before migrating to Google Workspace (G Suite) using DMS.

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Steps to Migrate Gmail Emails to G Suite Account

Start the process by following the below step-by-step guide.

1. Start the process by signing into your Old Gmail account
2. Then, Click Settings in the top corner and then hit See All Settings.
3. Move to the Forwarding POP/IMAP  section to enable the IMAP status.
4. Click the Save changes button.
5. To view labels, click on them

If you want to migrate labels in your procedure of Migrate Gmail to G Suite, make sure the Show in IMAP box is checked.

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Migrate Emails from Gmail to G Suite

The above section only contains the IMAP settings process. So, that you and your other team members can transfer the personal Gmail account data to G Suite account through IMAP protocol.

Now, start the steps of Gmail to G Suite migration by following the below guide.

1. Go to admin.google.com to access the Admin console.

new admin console
2. On the Home page of the Google Admin, click Data migration. Click More controls at the bottom if you don’t see the Data migration option in the first line of your eye contact.

data migration
3. After selecting Data Migration, click on the Set Data Migration Up option and the Configure Data Migration Service. Then in the configure your source connection settings select the Gmail option.

migrate gmail to g suite
4. Then in the configure additional settings and add users window, select Migration Start Date and Migration Options according to your needs.

configuring additional settings and add users
5. Then in the Migrations, Add your Gmail Users and Start a Migration by providing a Source Email. And click Authorize.

Gmail authorizes
6. Now, Add People to Your G Suite Account. In this window, you have to create usernames for all your Gmail users who are migrating  Gmail to a G Suite account. and click Next to start the process.

add people to G Suite account

As a final note… The process of migrating Gmail emails to G Suite account or a switch from your Gmail to G Suite account is not as simple as you are seeking in the above steps. To perform this procedure, a user must have a technical background. So, that he will aware of all the pros and cons of the Gmail to G Suite migration process.

Perform the above migration procedure is restricted with some limitations that we will mention below. But before that, to successfully accomplish this Gmail to G Suite migration using the Google Admin Console required expertise.

Limitations of Gmail to G Suite Migration Using the Data Migration Manual Method

Here are some user queries that are the main limitations that many users faced during the Gmail to G Suite migration

  • Due to a lack of technical skills, users are unable to perform the complete process of Gmail to G Suite Migration.
  • Unable to enter the Authorization Code within 10 minutes of time duration.
  • Lack of knowledge leads users stuck in the middle of the Gmail to G Suite migration procedure.
  • You have to perform this process again and again in order to add all the users and migrate multiple Gmail account data to Google Workspace account.
  • To Authorize the Gmail account before migration required Gmail Owner to review the permission request and click Allow to perform the migration process.
  • All the users have to perform this procedure on their own so that every Gmail mailbox can easily be migrated to G  Suite account without any error.

Best Approach to Migrate Gmail to G Suite Accounts

Other than Gmail to G Suite migration by using the manual method is 100% possible to do. But as we know that the above-mentioned method is not completely fit for all the new users as well as all the non-technical users. Who is going to Migrate Gmail emails to G Suite account?

As per the length and the technicalities that the manual method covered can only be understood by an IT admin or an experienced person who knows how to work on Google Workplace and G Suite.

However, as per my concern over to you, Go with the third-party fully automatic Gmail Backup Solution for your Gmail to G Suite migration. Also, it not only enables you to migrate Gmail to a G Suite account. But the easy-to-use GUI and the procedure are easily understood and performed by all non-technical and new users.

Now, follow the step-by-step procedure to migrate Gmail mail to a G Suite account with complete mailbox data.

Step-by-Step Process for Gmail to G Suite Migration

1. Download the Gmail to G Suite Migration tool in your currently working operating system to perform Migrate Gmail to G Suite procedure.

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2. Click on the Email Accounts and the choose Add Account option.

select email accounts
3. After that enter your Gmail account credentials and login into your Gmail account into the tool.

enter your Gmail account details
4. As soon as the account logs in within the tool, It will start syncing your complete Gmail account data with a complete file structure and folder hierarchy. You can see them into the tool’s preview panel.

preview emails
5. Then, click on the Export button to view the Export options and select IMAP options.

select IMAP
6. As soon as you hit the IMAP, the IMAP Export Options window will open and it will show you multiple advanced options for your Gmail to G Suite migration.

enable advance options

Note: In the IMAP Export Options, enter your G Suite Email address and password.

7. Finally, click the Save button to begin the process of migrating Gmail to a G Suite account.

select the save button

In the end, click the Open Folder button to view your Gmail account data in your G Suite email account.

Author’s Suggestion

Finally, you reached it! I am happy to see you here. And as per my knowledge, you are just about to complete reading this article on Gmail to G Suite migration. After, that either you will go with the manual procedure or will go to the Gmail to G Suite migration software for your migrate Gmail to G Suite account.

If I want to suggest you choose anyone solution from this article to perform your Gmail to G Suite migration, then I will highly recommend you to use the software solution for your personal Gmail account to a business G Suite account.

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