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How to Migrate Google Takeout Emails to Outlook Effectively – Solved Solution

Shaks George ~ Modified: June 3rd, 2022 ~ Export ~ 5 Minutes Reading

In this blog, we will talk about How to import Google Takeout Emails to Outlook. Firstly let me tell you that there is no manual solution to convert Google Takeout Files to Outlook directly.

You need to utilize an automatic solution to complete the process as soon as you understand the steps. In this article, we describe the whole process to transfer Google Takeout Gmail emails to Outlook.

Here, we talk about the migration of Google Takeout Emails to Outlook. This means that you already have the Google Takeout Zip Folder. So keep continuing with the blog.

Learn how to transfer Google Takeout emails to Microsoft Outlook with complete security and safety.

Before starting the migration process first, let’s understand the User’s Query

User’s Query to Import Emails to Outlook

“I have 21000+ emails on my Google Mail account which I need to export. This is a bulk import that takes 2-3 days to transfer emails into outlook and I don’t have time. This is why I only need a secure & fast solution. If there is any solution available, please suggest me as soon as possible.”

In this user, query user needs an instant solution to complete the migration with complete security. In a very limited time, how can a large number of emails be converted? But don’t worry because we have an instant and as well as a secure tool to complete the process within a few minutes.

We will describe to you in this blog the best way to complete the migration process.

Export Google Takeout Emails to Outlook by Using Tool

Download the MBOX to PST Converter Tool in your Windows operating system. Users will get the exact result in the Outlook account as they managed in Gmail without any iteration of data. This tool is designed with an advanced algorithm that remains the data same as maintained.

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You can comfortably use the tool without any technical expertise and guidance. It has a user-friendly interface that helps users to operate the tool without any discomfort. Start the migration as soon as you read the blog.

Steps to Start the Import Process

1: The cycle begins when you at first download and present the tool on your windows working development

2: Open the thing on your contraption and hit the ‘Open’ button from the upper left

3: From the rundown of decisions given there, go to “Email Data Files”

4: And from that point on pick “Google Takeout Files”

Select Google Takeout Files

5: Then you will see two options “Choose Folders” & “Choose Files” you can choose any as per your requirement.

Choose Google Takeout Files

6: Then you have to select the Google Takeout files on your computer

7: The tool starts uploading Google Takeout files into the software

Preview Google Takeout Emails

8: Then select the “Export” option and hit “PST” to export Google takeout emails to Outlook directly

Export Google Takeout Emails to Outlook

What are the Advantages of Using this Utility?

  • Maintained File Structure: With this tool, you will get the same outcome that you want in Outlook. Without any distribution and mixed data, This tool is best to provide you with the trusted results.
  • Add Multiple Filters: Use the Advanced Search bar to add multiple filters to specify an email by selecting Date, To, Cc, Time, Title, and so on. You can add advance email filters to search an email.
    Double File Selection Option: You will get two options to import Google Takeout emails into the tool. Choose File or Choose Folder, you can convert only selective files or can export bulk folders as per your need.
  • Open After Export is Done: There is no need to install Outlook in your system to view exported data. After completing the process you will get a successful message and the Open Outlook option where you can directly open Outlook. And can view exported data.
  • Provides Free Demo Version: You will get a free demo version of this tool to understand the functionality of the tool. First, you can use the free demo to import First Google Takeout Emails to Outlook smoothly.

Questions Most Frequently Asked

Ques 1. Can I Import Google Takeout Emails to Outlook in Bulk?
Ans. Yes, With this tool you can convert bulk Google Takeout Emails to Outlook without any hassle.Ques 2. Will this tool convert my Google Takeout attachments to Outlook?
Ans. Yes, this tool converts your Google Takeout Gmail emails to Outlook along with attachments.Ques 3. Can I upload the Google Takeout Zip folder to this tool?
Ans. Yes, You can directly select Choose File from a Folder and then select Google takeout zip folder.Ques 4. Does this tool maintain my data structure?
Ans. This tool maintains your file structure and folder hierarchy during and after the conversion process. There is no alteration in your data you will get the exact outcome with this tool.

Ques 5. Is it possible to migrate Google Takeout emails to Outlook selectively?
Ans. Yes, you can choose files from a folder or choose a folder. The tool provides you with options to check and uncheck the folders before migration.


In this blog, we describe the best method to import Google Takeout Emails to Outlook. Complete step-by-step instructions and screenshots download the tool. And start the migration process.

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