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Migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 365 with all Attributes | Know the Export Process Here

Justin Cener ~ Modified: June 25th, 2022 ~ Migration ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Summary: If you are interested in performing the data migration process from Thunderbird to Outlook 365 account for your personal and business use, this blog will benefit you. Here, we will discuss all the possible ways to export Thunderbird emails to Outlook 365, Outlook 2010, and 2019.

Important: If you are already aware, the manual procedure to migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 2010 is not easy. But it can quickly be acquired by using the Corbett Office 365 Email Backup Tool. It’s an expert recommended solution to perform data migration tasks effortlessly.

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Quick Overview and User Queries to Migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook 2010

Quick Glance: The Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source desktop email application that utilizes the MBOX file extension to store all data files. In contrast, Outlook is an email client of Microsoft Suite and keeps all of its data in a PST file to stored emails, attached files, calendars, etc.

Query 1:

User Query

Several similar queries appeared on the web and demanded a perfect solution to migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 365. To overcome this, we have arranged some precise solutions that will help to import Thunderbird to Outlook 2010, 2019, etc.

In upcoming sections, users will get complete solutions for all featured queries.

  • How do I migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook?
  • Does Outlook 365 work with Thunderbird?
  • Is it Possible to migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 365 in batch?
  • How do I import Thunderbird emails into Outlook 365?
  • How do I transfer files from Thunderbird to Outlook 2010?
  • Is Thunderbird better than Outlook 2019?

Manual Solution to Export Thunderbird Emails to Outlook 365

The manual solution to import Thunderbird to Outlook 365 account includes two chapters, export data from Thunderbird to Outlook for pc and import data to Outlook 365.

So let’s get started…

1) Open Thunderbird.

2) Click on the folder you want to transfer in Outlook 2010, 2019, etc.

3) Select the email data files and click on the “Save As” option from the menu.

4) Browse for a suitable designation to save the output and continue.

5) Now, go to MS Outlook and create a new folder, and name it accordingly.

6) Drag and drop the emails from the designated location in step 4 to the new Outlook folder.

Chapter 2: Make Use of Outlook 365 Import Services

Note: For further procedure, you need to use the “Microsoft Azure AZCopy Tool” this application allows users to upload the PST file to Outlook 365 using import services. Users have to follow the mentioned steps simultaneously.
  1. Share the Outlook data folder over the network.
  2. Download the “Microsoft Azure Storage Tools” from the Microsoft Website.
  3. Set up the tool and launch it to get the unique network URL and key for uploading.
  4. Consider using (azcopy.exe) for uploading the Outlook data file.
  5. To create a mapping file, make use of the Microsoft recommendations.
  6. Finally, migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 365.

Now, you have successfully exported Thunderbird emails to Outlook 365. Additionally, the method has some limitations. The following section will check the procedure to migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook 2010, 2019, etc.

Migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 2010 Using the IMAP Option

The process to Import Thunderbird to Outlook 2010,2019 involves 4 Stages. Users can continue with the table information accordingly.

Let’s get started.

Stage 1) Enable IMAP Protocol

  1. Open Account and Click on Gear Icon >> Settings.
  2. Now, select the Forwarding/Protocol options.
  3. Enable the Server Status Option.
  4. Tap on the Save button to save the changes.

Video Solution to Perform Step 1

Stage 2) Enable Less Secure App

  1. Go to the top left corner of your profile and click on Manage Your Account.
  2. In the navigation list, click on the Security Tab.
  3. Select a less secure app.
  4. At last, allow less secure app access.

Video tutorial to perform this process

Step 3) Configure Your Profile in Thunderbird

1. Open Thunderbird.

2. Click on three dots and select option from the list.

3. Click on Account Settings and select Account Auctions.

4. Select the “Add Mail Account Option.”

5. Enter your credentials and click on Continue. Meanwhile, select the remote folders and continue.

6. In the navigation panel, select your profile and create a new folder.

7. Afterward, go to Thunderbird’s mailbox, select all the files, and copy and paste it to the new folder.

Step 5) configure and transfer data Outlook account

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click on file >> Add Account.
  3. Select Manual Configuration >> IMAP >> Enter the Details and click on Next.
  4. After validation, you will see a successful screen. Click finish.
  5. Finally, click on the account from the left pane and you’ve successfully migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 2010.

Does Manual Solution Fulfill the Requirement of Data Migration?

The manual steps to migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 365 are relatively straightforward. However, there are some opposing slides also of this solution.

  • There is no assurance that you will acquire accurate results with the mentioned solution.
  • The manual procedure is a long process, and even demands a couple of hours to accomplish.
  • There is a high threat of data loss while migrating emails from Thunderbird to Outlook 365.
  • The manual solution doesn’t support data files selected and batch migration. So, you have to repeat the process to export Thunderbird emails to Outlook 365 account.

Automated Solution to Migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 365

Upward all the workaround for manual tics involved a certain amount of risk. Thus, to overcome all the downsides of the manual solution, the user can go with an advanced solution: Corbett Email Converter Tool.

It is a powerful solution that provides the best way to migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook 2010. Also, it has multiple advanced features that effortlessly allows exporting selected or batch files to Outlook 365 account. Let’s check out the working of automated solutions.

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1. Setup the Wizard and click on “Open Tab.”

click on open

2. From the list, select the Desktop email application (Thunderbird).

3. The software will fetch the user’s profile and display all the configured accounts.

Select Thunderbird Files

4. Afterward, select the profile, and the software will scan and display the items stored on it.

preview data files

5. The next step is to click on the export button and select Office 365.

select export option

6. Fill in the required fields then use the data filters as needed.

7. Click on the Save button to start the process.

advance data filters

Time to Wrap Up

In the above write-up, we have described a complete solution to migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook 2010. Additionally, we have listed multiple manual approaches to accomplish the migration. But none of them meet our expectations. So, it’s recommended that you can go with the automated solution to migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 365. Moreover,  it offers multiple benefits at a compelling price for safe and secure migration.

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