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How to Forward Office 365 Email to Gmail I Best Expert Guide 2022

Shaks George ~ Published: March 7th, 2022 ~ How to ~ 4 Minutes Reading

To find the finest possible platform, people are increasingly migrating from one email platform to another. Some people favor Office 365, while others choose Gmail because of its user-friendly UI. As a result, we’ll go through three different techniques to forwarding Office 365 Emails to Gmail in this post.

Users Transfer Office 365 Email to Gmail Account for a Variety of Reasons

As we all know, Office 365 is intended for business users, although Gmail can be used for both personal and business purposes. As a result, some customers desire to copy emails from Office 365 to their Gmail account so that they can utilize them for both work and personal purposes.

Office 365 is a subscription-based email service that costs money, whereas Gmail (Personal) is completely free. That’s why most MS Office 365 Users want to Forward Office 365 Emails to Gmail for better functionalities.

The Benefits of Gmail: Overview

Gmail, a safe, functional, and simple-to-use email tool, is available through Google Workspace. Google has rebranded its popular free Gmail service as Google Workspace Gmail, adding more features and making it more business-ready.

Gmail account has the following features:

  • A customizable email address (for example, you@yourcompany.com)
  • Every account gets 30GB of storage.
  • Email searches powered by Google
  • Messages sent instantly
  • Advanced spam filters… plus a whole lot more!

You can use Gmail to access all of your email services, including contacts, archives, and sent mail, from any web browser, anywhere! You’re no longer reliant on desktop or onsite email clients.

Import Option to Export Office 365 Emails to Gmail Account Directly

This option is available for users who are using free Gmail accounts and want to migrate their data to their accounts. However, the process is lengthy and cannot be performed for bulk users. You must skip this solution if you are looking for a way to forward Office 365 email to your Gmail account and go to the next one.

It can also be used for POP3 accounts, which is another issue associated with this method.

1. Log in to your Gmail account where you want to export emails from Office 365.
2. Go to the Settings option by pressing the gear icon.

Go to the Settings option by pressing the gear icon

3. Go to the Accounts and Import tab, then select Import mail and contacts.

select Import mail and contacts.

4. Hit the Continue button after entering your Office 365 account information.

entering your Office 365 account information

5. Your password needs to be entered and your Port ID needs to be changed to 995.

forward office 365 emails to Gmail

6. Select the appropriate checkboxes in the Import mail option.

Select the appropriate checkboxes

7. By clicking Start Import, you will begin the import process.

clicking Start Import

8. You can now check your Office 365 import status by going to your Gmail account and selecting the “Accounts and Import” section.

selecting the "Accounts and Import" section

Some of the Drawbacks of the Manual Method

Note that the manual method cannot export emails from several Office 365 accounts at the same time. There are a few drawbacks to using the manual approach that you should be aware of:

  • Because it is such a lengthy and time-consuming process, the user may make a mistake.
  • Non-technical users found it difficult to understand, and they were unable to move many emails from Office 365 to Gmail.
  • When approaching the manual solution, data consistency can be affected.

Automatic Solution to Migrate Office 365 Emails to Gmail Account in Bulk

To export bulk Office 365 emails into a Gmail account users can use the DataSkorpio Email Migration Tool. This toolkit helps you to convert multiple Office 365 account data to Gmail account without any worry. You can manage the O365 accounts in this single tool.

Users don’t need to worry about how the tool works or the graphical interface. This tool has a complete user-friendly interface that attracts users to use this tool.

Steps to Import Office 365 to Gmail Using Tool

Download the tool in your computer system by clicking on the Download Now button.

Purchase Now Download Now

1. Start the migration of emails from Office 365 to Gmail by clicking the Open option.

forward Office 365 emails to Gmail
2. After that select the Email Accounts option and hit Add Account from the drop-down list.

import Office 365 email to Gmail
3. Next, in the pop-up window enter your Office 365 account credentials.

enter email credentials
4. And preview the Office 365 emails along with attachments in the tool panel.
5. Then click the Export option and select Gmail from the drop-down list.

Export office 365 emails to Gmail
6. Finally, hit the Save option in the Gmail export options window.

Select Save to Forward Office 365 email to Gmail Account

Author’s Suggestion

Both the methods are perfectly explained in this blog. Users can try the manual way to import Office 365 emails to a Gmail account but there are several limitations. But if you prefer an automatic tool to complete this task then there are fewer limitations as compared to manual. Download the tool and start the process.