iCloud Settings to Generate App Password

How to Generate App Specific Password ?

To create an app-specific password for iCloud, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open a web browser and go to the Apple ID account page.

  2. Sign in to your Apple ID using your credentials.


  3. Now, go to "Sign-In and Security" tab. Click on the "App-Specific Passwords" from the option list.

    generate app password

  4. In the App-Specific Passwords window click on the "+" icon.

    click on plus icon

  5. Now, verify your Ownership by providing the account credentials.

    verify ownership

  6. Enter a label or name for the app or service you want to create the password for. For example, you can use "Mail".

    provide name

  7. Click on "Create" to generate the app-specific password.

    click create

  8. Apple will generate a unique password for the app. Make sure to copy it as you will need it for further backup & migration process.

    app password is ready