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MDaemon Email Server Backup Tool

MDaemon webmail backup software that offers an easy way to download your emails from MDaemon email server, 100+ mail clients and Web Servers. No matter where your emails are stored, we can allow you to access and save them. Save MDaemon emails into various file formats and document formats.

Compatible with all latest Windows OS

Virus & Safety Score: 100%

Why Choose Corbett MDaemon Email Backup Tool?

free mdaemon mail backup software demo version
  • Save MDaemon Emails into Multiple Document files: HTML, TEXT, CSV
  • Download Data from several desktops or cloud-based email platforms
  • Backup bulk emails from unlimited MDaemon cloud accounts
  • 100% safe, clean and virus-free software for Windows OS
  • Freedom to browse destination location to save MDaemon emails
  • The tool enables you to download selective MDaemon cloud emails
  • Secure different types of email attachments during the backup process
  • Maintain folder hierarchy and other email items during the backup process
  • File naming options to arrange MDaemon cloud backup emails professionally
  • Option to backup specific email folder(s) from MDaemon email server storage
  • Provides multiple enable options in the MDaemon Email Server Backup Process
  • All Windows OS supportable including latest Windows 11, 10, and below Versions
Free Live Demo: – MDaemon Mailbox Backup Tool Fully Secured Download Version

Prime Funcinalities of MDaemon Email Server Backup Tool

Understand the key features of the MDaemon Backup Wizard

Backup MDaemon Emails Locally

With the MDaemon email backup tool, you can extract all the messages from each folder of a single user email account. The MDaemon Backup utility will backup all the emails from Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Drafts, and all the other customized folders of the respective MDaemon user account into your local drive / PC / flash drive.

Save MDaemon Emails in Various Formats

The Advanced Webmail Backup Tool permits the user to backup MDaemon emails along with attachments. The user can move MDaemon Mail messages into different file Formats in a hassle-free way. One can easily transfer emails from MDaemon to multiple desktop email client applications. Moreover, the application also keeps the attributes associated with the emails even after the backup process.

Save Selective Email Folder

Want to backup selective MDaemon email files, you can also select the folder that you want to save. To deal with such a situation, the MDaemon Webmail backup software renders an option to check or uncheck the folders as per your requirement and only the selected folders will be downloaded and created at the destination location having all the emails in it.

Keep MDaemon Emails Formatting Intact

While saving MDaemon emails, the MDaemon email backup software preserves the original formatting of the emails unchanged. Also, the MetaData like; To, Cc, Bcc, sender's email, the recipient's email; all remain intact after the MDaemon backup is complete. In addition to that, the tool will keep attachments embedded within the email.

View Live MDaemon Backup

While taking All data backup or taking selective data backup, the Pause & Stop option plays a significant role. MDaemon Email Backup Tool allows you to pause the saving process at any point in time and suitably resume it later. This will help you to save your time and finish the backup as per your requirement too.

Preview Recent Files Option

If the MDaemon email backup process gets interrupted and the application is closed abruptly, the recent file history will be maintained by the tool. The user can re-open the left process by navigating to the Recent file option. The MDaemon webmail backup will open the position (progress state), where it got interrupted.

Multiple MDaemon Account Backup

The MDaemon Account Backup Software provides the facility to take backup of the MDaemon mail server from a single or multiple MDaemon user accounts. At most one account will be processed at a time. The users can backup their data from MDaemon personal / Business mail.

Maintain Folder Hierarchy

MDaemon Email backup software ensure data integrity of the email folders. The folders preview the same folder list and intact hierarchy of subfolders as in the MDaemon mail account. The emails within the folders retain the email status even after the MDaemon mail message is at the local end.

Email Date Filter Option

The user can search MDaemon Emails according to a particular date range. The user just needs to select particular dates in From and To calendar fields respectively and backup MDaempon mailbox within the range. With this Date Filter facility, it becomes seamless for the user to download emails according to a specific date range.

Compatible with Windows OS

The MDaemon Email Backup software is compatible with all the versions of the Windows Operating system such as Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7 and the below editions. Additionally, the MDaemon backup utility also supports both 32-bit as well as 64-bit versions of the Windows Operating System.

Download MDaemon Email Server Backup Tool

*The Demo version will only backup 10 messages/folders for free.

MDaemon Email Backup Wizard - System Requirements

Software and Hardware Requirement to Launch This MDaemon Webmail Backup Tool

free mdaemon mail backup software demo version

System Requirements

Processor 1 GHz Processor(Recommended - 2.4 GHz)

Operating System Windows 11, 10 (32/64 bit) & All Below Versions.

Memory 512 MB Minimum (1 GB is recommended)

Hard Disk 100 MB of free space

Software Delivery

Electronic Yes

License & Version

Personal License Activation for 2 PC / Laptop

Business License Activation For 10 PC / Laptop

Enterprise License Activation For Unlimited PC

Version 4.3

Interface Available

Language SupportedEnglish

Noteworthy Features of MDaemon Email Server Backup Tool

While most of the functions of MDaemon Backup software are good to know, the best thing with MDaemon Backup Tool is its performance. It has been proven by experts over the years that data backup and file synchronization can be done very quickly.

mdaemon Mail backup solutions at one place

Tremendous Characteristics of MDaemon Backup Software

The utility provides you with multiple features to backup MDaemon’s email in one go.

  • Complete MDaemon Email Migration Solution
  • The tool helps with playing out the different limits as under
  • Backup a singular or different MDaemon messages in one go
  • Suitable with over 100+ email expert associations
  • Concentrate and save the particular email things like email addresses, attachments, contacts, etc

Prominent Quality of MDaemon Mail Server Backup Utility

  • Move MDaemon email to your close
  • Relocate Specific MDaemon Email Items
  • The tool grants to play out the going with limits as to extraction of explicit email things:
  • Assurance to move the email addresses
  • Backup the contacts list from your MDaemon email account
  • Move critical connections to your
  • Move your Email Account Data beginning with One Platform then onto the following
features of mdaemon mail backup tool
move mdaemon mail data from one server to another server

MDaemon Mail Server Backup Software Ensures:

  • It enables you to backup bulk email messages in a single go
  • Autofill account Port number and port server
  • Go Specific with Your Email file Search
  • Filter MDaemon messages by date, subject, To/From, etc
  • Sort email messages through email addresses
  • Move emails into Multiple File Formats
  • Export email files into PST, EML, MBOX, etc
  • Convert into various file formats like PDF, CSV, HTML, Text, etc
  • Direct Store MDaemon Data file to Gmail, Office 365, Cox, etc.

A Short Video Explanation of MDaemon Backup Tool

As explained above, the application as a host of features for backing up MDaemon emails, all packed into one small software. Watch this short step-by-step tutorial of the MDaemon email server backup software and learn all about it.

MDaemon Mail Server Backup - Saving Options

Easily Save Your MDeamon Email File to Multiple Platforms

MDaemon Email Server Backup Tool - Customer Review

Know What our Customers Say After Using the MDaemon Email Backup Tool

If you are easily overwhelmed by the number of emails in your inbox and want to protect yourself against losing important data, then there is no better tool than Corbett MDaemon Backup Tool. This utility is incredibly easy to use and automatically initiates the backup process. Features of this tool include an automatic and immediate backup, not just of emails but also of all the files stored in your mailboxes.

customer reviews

Henry Jurk
Sales Engineer, UK

MDaemon Email Server backup tool is a time-tested and reliable option to help deal with backup concerns. Moreover, the end-user has the option to decide whether to back up your data in your system. I am very happy after using this MDaemon Email Backup Tool.

user reviews

Jules Boutin
Data Analyst, London

Ever faced the tedious task of backup all data from bulk emails? In the time of time constraints, it becomes imperative for you to deal with such a situation. The MDaemon mail server backup tool is the solution for such an issue. It supports bulk emails, including the pause and stop option, and extracts various email items. And you can easily save the data in the desired location.

customer reviews

Michael Myatowych
Technical Executive, America
MDaemon Email Backup Software - FAQs

Listed Commonly Asked Questions with Answers

How to save MDaemon Emails using MDaemon Backup Tool?

5 Steps to Backup MDaemon Email Server Data:

  • Step 1: Download MDaemon Webmail Backup Tool and Install
  • Step 2: Select Open and hit Email Servers
  • Step 3: Choose MDaemon Files
  • Step 4: Tool start browsing the files and folders
  • Step 5: Select Export and Choose any file format
Why must I go for an MDaemon email backup Software?

Cloud storage is risky from a security as well as a business standpoint. The data stored on the cloud can be vulnerable to cyber-criminal threats that lead to security breaches and discontinuity on which business depends. Backup ensures that the MDaemon account data is safely stored on the local machine (too) in case of catastrophic conditions.

Can I test the product before investing in it?

Yes, you can. We offer this MDaemon email backup utility in two versions; Free (Demo) and Licensed version. Using the freeware version, you can easily test its potential and performance and be sure of investing in the right/best solution. The full version allows you to migrate unlimited MDaemon emails, contacts & calendars into two file formats.

Can I backup Bulk MDaemon emails?

Yes, You can save a large number of emails by using the MDaemon backup tool.

Is there any file size limitation while taking backup of the MDaemon email server?

No, the MDaemon webmail backup and restore tool, doesn’t put any limits on the size of backed up MDaemon email.