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How to Download Hotmail Emails to Computer? Complete Guide

Justin Cener ~ Modified: September 20th, 2023 ~ Backup ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Looking for solutions to download Hotmail emails to computer? You have come to the right post because we have drafted this technical write-up just for you. In this article, we will guide you on How to download and save Hotmail emails to computer. We will share both manual and automated solutions to accomplish the task. Thus, stay tuned to the blog till the end to get the best solutions.

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Reasons to Download Hotmail Emails

  • Saving Hotmail emails to computer makes it easy to access email messages even when the user is offline.
  • Having a local backup saves your email data from atrocities like sudden cyber attacks.
  • According to experts, regularly backing up your Hotmail data on a local drive is a good cybersecurity hygiene practice.
  • Downloading your Hotmail emails to computer also enables you to import your emails to other email clients as well.
  • After downloading Hotmail emails to your computer, you can delete them from your account mailbox which frees up storage space as well.

These are the numerous reasons why it is better for users to download their Hotmail emails to computers. Therefore to accomplish the task, we have brought two methods, one manual and one automated. So, let’s find out which method fits your requirements better.

Manual Approach to Download Hotmail Emails to Computer

  • Sign in to your Hotmail email account and access the email messages.
  • Then click on the “Print” Option.
  • Afterward, choose “Save as PDF” from the Print choice.
  • Next, browse a preferred destination to download email messages.
  • Click Save to convert Hotmail email to PDF file instantly.

This is a method to download Hotmail emails to computer as files in PDF format manually. However, this option is only recommended for those users who want to download only a few Hotmail emails to computer. If you have a larger number of Hotmail emails to download to computer, you will have to repeat this process for a longer time as it only downloads one email at a time.

Next up we have another manual method you can use to bulk download Hotmail emails to computer. This method is the official manual method provided by Hotmail. Let’s check out its working.

Manually Download Emails from Hotmail to Computer in Bulk

Follow the given instructions to save your emails from Hotmail mailbox to your desktop.

  • Login to your Hotmail account.
  • Click on the “Gear” icon and select the “View all Outlook settings” option.
  • Now, in the “General” tab, select the “Privacy and Data” option.
  • Click the “Export Mailbox” button.
  • The backup process may take upto 4 days depending on the sixe of your mailbox.
  • Once the backup is completed, you will receive the backup download link from Microsoft in your emails.

If you have to bulk download Hotmail emails to computer as files, then this above-mentioned method could come in handy for you. Unfortunately, there are also some limitations associated with this manual approach.

Limitations of the Manual Solution

  • Depending on the size of your Hotmail mailbox, the backup process may take upto four days; this makes the entire process extremely cumbersome for users.
  • Since it is manual in nature, the users have to perform the method with extreme caution as even one single mistake could lead to atrocities like data loss.
  • This manual approach doesn’t offer any folder selection option to its users i.e., one cannot backup selective data folders from their Hotmail mailbox.
  • The process also does not provide any email filter option to its users. Once again, the process turns out to be redundant in terms of selective Hotmail data backup.

Expert Way to Download Hotmail Emails to Computer as Files

The Corbett Hotmail Backup Software is a useful as well as trustworthy application that smoothly downloads Hotmail emails to a computer with a few simple clicks. This application is very easy to navigate. Moreover, it comes with a dedicated preview panel that contains four different view modes displaying different attributes of user-uploaded data. Along with that, the utility is also compatible to work in all Windows OS Versions. It also offers to save the Hotmail emails to multiple email client file formats and document file formats.

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Steps to Download Hotmail Emails to Computer Using the Utility

  • Run the expert recommended utility on your Windows OS system.
  • Click “Open” >> “Email Accounts” >> “Add Account”.
    click open > email accounts > add account
  • Provide your Hotmail account credentials in the required fields.
    enter hotmail account credentials
  • Preview the loaded Hotmail email data in the dedicated preview panel.
    preview loaded mailbox data
  • Afterward, click on the “Export” button and select “PDF” format from the list.
  • In the end, click “Save” to start the Hotmail emails to the computer downloading process.
    export to pdf to download Hotmail emails to computer

And that’s all the steps for proficiently downloading Hotmail emails to a computer. As you see, in only a few quick steps the expert software backs up your Hotmail mailbox data efficiently. Along with being an efficient help, the tool offers plenty of other features and benefits to its users as well. Let us have a look at why this software is a better choice in comparison to the manual solutions.

Why the Utility is Better Than the Manual Solutions?

  • This program can efficiently download Hotmail emails to computer in bulk. This feature especially helps users who are in a time crunch.
  • This wizard lets you download Hotmail messages to computer without any limitations or hindrances at all.
  • The tool provides an advanced search setting that helps users selectively download and save a Hotmail email to their computer by filtering them based on subject, date, time, etc.
  • The application maintains 100% data integrity as the user’s originally uploaded files throughout the backup procedure.
  • This software works effortlessly with Windows OS versions 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2016, and Server 2019.

So these are the extensive features that make this tool an expert-favorite. These features add to the overall functionality of the tool and make it a reliable solution to download emails from Hotmail to computer.

So There You Have It

In this article, we discussed different solutions that you can use to download Hotmail emails to computer. We shared and explained two different manual techniques as well as an automated solution recommended by countless technical professionals. Unfortunately, there are several limitations associated with the manual solutions, hence, technical experts recommend users opt for the above-mentioned professional solution for reliable results.

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