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How to Import Mailbird Emails to Thunderbird – Instant Solution

Shaks George ~ Modified: May 22nd, 2023 ~ How to ~ 4 Minutes Reading

In this blog, you will get the best solution to export Mailbird Emails to Thunderbird. There are many outside users who are looking for a reliable way to import their Mailbird data to Mozilla Thunderbird.

Mailbird And Thunderbird both are the most popular desktop-based email client which is used by worldwide users. There is plenty of users’ reason to export emails from Mailbird to Thunderbird.

Many Mailbird users have their own reasons to switch from Mailbird to other email clients. Some of them are looking to export Mailbird to Thunderbird. In this blog, we are going to cover the export process of Mailbird to Mozilla Thunderbird. Also, read Best Ways to Export Emails from Mailbird to Office 365

Reasons to Export Mailbird Emails to Thunderbird

  • There are many reasons to export the Mailbird emails to Thunderbird. And the main question is why Thunderbird?
  • Due to unexpected Mailbird crashes and other reasons. Many times users face complications in the Mailbird account.
  • What if a user has Mailbird files and folders in their Windows operating system? And unable to view them.
  • Thunderbird’s excellent features and services provide the best benefit to its users.
  • There is an add-on option in Thunderbird that enables the users to try other features as well.
  • Due to the high popularity of Mozilla Thunderbird and the advanced features also attracts users to export Mailbird to Thunderbird.
  • Thunderbird Provides a Quick filter option to easily search emails in the bulk data
  • Easy to maintain Address Book and Unique Chat tab to easily chat with your friends, family, and relatives.
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Best Way to Export MailBird Email to Thunderbird

CorbettSoftware Email Migration Tool enables you to export MailBird emails to Thunderbird directly without the need for Thunderbird installation. With the help of this tool, users can easily perform the migration process without any hassle.

The simple and user-friendly graphical interface helps the users to easily understand the procedure and be able to perform it within a limited time. This utility is capable well the All the Windows Based Operating systems smoothly. You can also take Thunderbird Backup before the Export process. In this case, to store Thunderbird data for future use.

Step by Step Instruction to Perform the Export Process

Run the utility after installing it on your Windows operating system.

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1. In the tool’s screen, click the Open icon in the top left corner

click the open button
2. Select Desktop Email Client and pick MailBird Accounts

desktop email clients > mailbird account
3. Configure Mailbird account or select a folder on your computer

Auto configure MailBird account
4. Click Export and select Thunderbird from the drop-down list

Select Thunderbird
5. Choose Save and view the live export process to begin the process

Perform the step-by-step instruction to export Mailbird to Thunderbird directly. This tool is the best choice for you to import Mailbird emails to Thunderbird. Also, read Extract All MailBird’s Attachments, Extract All Mailbird’s Email Addresses

Why Choose This Utility to Export MailBird Data?

  • Security: When a user decides to export MailBird data into a Thunderbird account, their main concern is data security. This can cause data loss during the migration process. The program ensures complete data security and virus-free export.
  • Data Structure & Folder Hierarchy: The exported data structure and folder hierarchy are maintained by this tool while it is exporting. With this tool, 100% accurate data is exported.
  • Exporting Files and Folders Selectively: Users can choose which files and folders they need from the data to export. Alternatively, they can choose and export certain data directly. You can check and uncheck the file and folder in the migration process.
  • Easy and Fast Capability: Within a few clicks the data will be transferred into the tool. This tool is very beneficial to use when you have a shortage of time. Easy and simple GUI makes the tool more unique and stands out as compared to other tools.

Final Thoughts

After reading the above article, you will understand how to export Mailbird to Thunderbird in a quick and safe manner. The software solution indicated above allows users to move mails from Mailbird to Thunderbird mailboxes directly. To safely import Mailbird folders to Thunderbird, follow the simple step-by-step approach. You can reach out to the technical support team for more information.

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