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Import TGZ to Gmail Account | Read This and Make It So

Justin Cener ~ Modified: June 8th, 2022 ~ Import ~ 4 Minutes Reading
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Users of Zimbra tend to migrate to other email platforms because of insufficient features offered by Zimbra. Which email platform could be better than Google Mail to migrate data files? There are multiple reasons why Gmail stays on the top compared to Zimbra account.

The problem arises when a user try to execute the migration process from Zimbra to Gmail. Both the platforms are different from each other. Thus, to overcome this situation in this blog, I will discuss with you one of the best way to import TGZ to Gmail account to make your task easier.

Migrate Zimbra to Gmail | First Move

As we have already discussed, there is no direct option available to migrate Zimbra to Gmail account. Users need to extract the TGZ data file from Zimbra to execute this migration task.

  1. Open Your Zimbra Account.
  2. Now navigate to the Preferences tab.
  3. Click on the Import/Export button.
  4. Select the Email Data Files from the next window that you want to save.
  5. The Last Step is to click on the Export button.

Zimbra TGZ

What’s Next after Migrating TGZ Data files from Zimbra?

The Zimbra Migration Tool is a trusted solution to migrate multiple Zimbra data files to a Gmail account. It helps users to import TGZ to Gmail Account in an effortless way without any support from external files.

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Additionally, a demo version is available for Zimbra to Gmail Migration tool that lets users migrate 10 data files from each folder. Also, the tool’s graphical interface is easy to use and can easily be accessed by any novice. Let’s take a quick look at the working steps of this automated solution.

Import Zimbra TGZ to Gmail – Software Working Explained

To understand the tool in a better manner, follow the number of mentioned steps to migrate Zimbra to Gmail account.

1) Download and launch the Zimbra to Gmail Migration Tool on your Windows machine.

2) Now, navigate to the Ribbon Bar and click on the Open button.

3) From the navigation list, select the Zimbra Server and upload the data file to the software panel.

4) Software scans and displays all the data files stored in the TGZ Zip File.

5) Now, click on the Export tab and select Gmail account. Use the app password for login.

6) Next, the step is to apply the data filters to migrate specific sets of emails.

7) The last step is to click on the Save button and you successfully imported Zimbra TGZ to Gmail account.

Key-Features of Zimbra to Gmail Migration Tool

  1. Migrate data files from Zimbra On-Premises to a Gmail account.
  2. Transfer Multiple Zimbra Profiles to Google Mail at Once.
  3. Use the selective data migration mode to move specific sets of emails.
  4. Import TGZ to Gmail account while keeping folder hierarchy and data originality intact.
  5. The Date Range Filter allows you to move emails based on start and end dates.
  6. A preview option allows the user to view the complete data before conversion.
  7. Separate option for transferring Zimbra contacts, attachments, and email addresses.

Common FAQ’s for Zimbra to Gmail Migration Tool

Yes, the Zimbra to Gmail Migrator allows performing direct migration of Zimbra without using the TGZ file.

  1. Open Automated Solution.
  2. Click on Open Tab and Select Email Account.
  3. Enter your Zimbra Credentials and Continue.
  4. Preview all the Data Files >> Apply Filters >> Click on Export.
The Zimbra to Gmail Migrator Doesn’t impose any file size limitation. One can easily migrate any data file size within a few mouse clicks.
The toolkit has a category-based filter that lets users move emails to a target folder.

Import Zimbra TGZ to Gmail | Guide Explained

A majority of users are looking for a reliable way to import Zimbra TGZ to Gmail account without compromising their data files. We have listed an all-rounder software that can satisfy all your Zimbra migration needs in the above post.

Zimbra to Gmail Migration Tool is a highly recommended software to avoid data loss and data corruption. One can download the software to know the complete functionality of the software.

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