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Extract Email Addresses From Maildir Format – Universal Guide

Shaks George ~ Modified: March 28th, 2022 ~ How to ~ 4 Minutes Reading

If you are looking for a solution to easily extract bulk email addresses from Maildir emails. Then, you are on the correct weblog, Because in this post you will get the best way.

The Maildir e-mail format is an ordinary way of storing email messages in which each message is stored in a separate file with a unique name, and each mail folder is a file system directory.

In other words, many users want to extract email addresses from Maildir format but there is no manual method to extract bulk email addresses.

If there is any manual way to extract email addresses then it will be a high technical method. To read the Maidir format and find out the email address in the coding as per my knowledge.

The easiest way to take email addresses from Maildir Format is an automatic solution. Within a few simple steps, your work is completely done.

How to Extract Bulk Email Addresses from Maildir Format Directly?

With the help of Corbett Software Email Address Extractor. You can easily extract in bulk with a few simple clicks. This tool provides you with various features along with extraction.

The tool is compatible well with Windows 7, 8, 10 & all below versions of the Windows Operating System. With the simple and unique graphical interface, users can easily operate the tool.

Steps by Step Instructions to Extract Email Addresses from Maildir

Download the tool and run it on your Windows OS from the Download Now Button given below.

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  • 1. Install and Run the utility in your Windows Operating System
  • 2. In the header section, you will get the Open Option
  • 3. Select Email Data Files and Choose Maildir Files
  • 4. Browse the files and the tool start moving the files into the tool
  • 5. You can preview the Maidir files into various options
  • 6. Select Extract and choose Email Addresses
  • 7. Select Save and can view the export process

Why Use Professional Tool to Extract Email Addresses

The professional tool recommended you 100% security and safety. It provides you with accurate results after the extraction process. Users go with the Third-party tool to complete the work within a limited time. You will get a perfect result without any data loss. Moreover, This utility provides you multiple features such as:

Prominent Features of the Tool:

This tool provides you multiple enable options along with browse location. Only this tool enables you to choose various option before extraction process.

  • Open Folder After Export is Done: You can open the exported folder automatically after completion or can do it manually.
  • Skip Greyed out Folders: You can deselect the grey color folders from the extract process.
  • Extract Email Addresses from Attachments: The tool provides you with an advanced option to extract email addresses from Maildir Attachments.
  • Select Fields to Extract Email Addresses from: This utility enables you to take out bulk email addresses From, To, Cc, Subject, Message Body, Message Header.
  • Preview the Found Email Addresses: The tool preview the email addresses found in the box. You can view the extracted email addresses from Maidir Format.


In this blog, you will get the most recommended solution. With the help of this tool, users can easily complete their work. As a writer, it’s our responsibility to guide you to the best solution. Try this tool’s free demo version and understand the key value of the tool. Without downloading you don’t understand the features of this utility.

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