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How to Export Roundcube Webmail to Outlook in 2024?

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This technical write up is drafted for users looking to export emails from Roundcube to Outlook. In this article, we are going to discuss various techniques on how you can export Roundcube webmail to Outlook. Moreover, we will be providing proper guidance related to the matter. So, without any further delay, let’s jump ahead into the article.

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In today’s date, there are plenty of email clients to choose from. More than often, users as well as organizations, get confused about which one to choose. Each one is better than the other. And that is why the transfer of emails and data from one client to another has become increasingly common. Therefore, in this blog, we are solving a similar query of how to export emails from Roundcube to Outlook.

Roundcube is a free, open-source, web-based IMAP email client. It manages the emails and contacts of its users. Since it is webmail, it greatly provides freedom from desktop-based email clients. This is the reason why numerous different organizations use it to provide their employees with the option of using webmail. However, Roundcube lacks various features and facilities that come with Outlook. Thus, users look for solutions to convert Roundcube to Outlook. Let’s check out what are the benefits of moving to Outlook.

Advantages of Transferring from Roundcube Webmail to Outlook

  • Outlook provides both desktop and web-based clients and thus, unlike other clients, it can be accessed on both a desktop and the web.
  • Outlook is a feature-rich email application. It provides a multitude of features that all users appreciate.
  • It is not just an email client, but you can also manage your contacts, tasks, calendar, journals, etc. in it as well.
  • Outlook is known for its seamless integration with other applications in the productivity suite.
  • Moreover, it has enhanced and upgraded security features that most email clients lack.

So these are some of the many features that attract users to transfer Roundcube webmail to Outlook. Now let’s move to how you can accomplish the task.

As you all are aware Outlook exclusively supports PST format whereas if you export your emails from Roundcube, you will get them in EML format. Thus, there is no direct manual procedure to export RoundCube webmail to Outlook. It is necessary to use a converter tool to convert one file format to the other. Moreover, the method to transfer Roundcube to Outlook is divided into two parts. The first part includes exporting emails from Roundcube webmail. Correspondingly the next part involves using an automated tool to convert the EML files into Outlook-supported format. So, let’s start with the steps to conduct the process.

How to Manually Export Emails from Roundcube to Outlook?

  • Log into your Roundcube Webmail.
  • Select the email message you wish to download.
  • With that email message selected, click on “More”.
  • Click the Export option in the dropdown menu.
  • The EML file will get downloaded in the “Downloads” folder of your computer.

The above-mentioned are the manual steps to take when exporting Roundcube webmail to Outlook. Once your emails are downloaded from Roundcube webmail, you can proceed to import EML files to Outlook.

However, there are some restrictions that come with this procedure and the Roundcube webmail itself. The major drawback of using Roundcube webmail is that it only provides the option to download one single email at a time. This is an unpleasant thing that Roundcube users face.

Expert-Recommended Way to Add Roundcube to Outlook

For secure and reliable data transfer, technical experts always recommend using automated software. Unlike any manual procedure, the software is much more reliable and robust. And that is why we have brought you the Corbett IMAP Migration Tool. Not only is this tool easy to use but it also exports Roundcube to PST with utmost security. In addition to that, it provides a plethora of amazing features as well. The utility is also fully supported by all versions of Windows OS, thus, you can use it on any Windows system without worrying about compatible versions.

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Steps to Configure & Add Roundcube Webmail to Outlook

  • Install the tool on your device and click on the “Open” button.
    launch the tool and click on open
  • Select Email Accounts >> Add Account from the appeared dropdown menu.
    select email accounts then add account
  • Now, enter your Roundcube Webmail credentials and fill in the required IMAP details in the appropriate fields to configure your Roundcube account to the tool.
    enter your Roundcube webmail credentials
  • For a granular level search within the emails, use the Quick Search and Advanced Search Setting options.
    use the search settings
  • Click Export and choose the PST file format in the dropdown menu to export Roundcube webmail to PST.
    click export and choose pst format option
  • Browse and select a location to save the resultant files. Use the Advanced Options provided below the search bar.
    set a location to save resultant files
  • At last, click on the “Save” button to successfully export Roundcube webmail to Outlook.
    click the Save button to migrate Roundcube to Outlook

Now that you have exported your Roundcube data to Outlook-supported format, you can proceed to import PST to Outlook. As stated above, Outlook supports the direct import or export of its proprietary file format, thus, it will be very easy to transfer the resultant files in Outlook using the Import Export Wizard.

Astonishing Features of the Professional Software

  • Allows easy and effortless bulk export of your Roundcube data files.
  • Exports emails along with their attachments and other attributes.
  • Ensures Utmost data integrity of your data while exporting Roundcube webmail to Outlook.
  • Provides advanced filters to transfer selective data/emails.
  • Has an interactive and user-friendly UI, appreciated by both technical and novice users.
  • Efficiently works on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and all other versions.

Frequently Asked Queries

Question 1: How to add Roundcube to Outlook?

  • Open MS Outlook. Go to File >> Add Account.
  • Enter your Roundcube username & Click Next.
  • Provide your Roundcube webmail password.
  • Outlook will check the configuration settings.
  • Click Next to connect Roundcube to Outlook.

Question 2: Are there any disadvantages of the solutions shared above?

Unfortunately, the manual methods shared have certain drawbacks associated with them. The method involving configuration is deemed complex to understand and execute by numerous users. Moreover, The manual solutions are quite time-consuming and tedious which makes them burdensome to execute.

The automated solution, on the other hand, requires little to no effort to export Roundcube webmail to Outlook. That is why it is also ranked as an expert favorite software to accomplish the task smoothly and efficiently.

So There You Have It

Roundcube webmail comes with certain limitations, which is why users look to transfer from Roundcube webmail to Outlook. In this article, we discussed multiple techniques you can use to Export Roundcube to Outlook. Data is vital and it must be handled with utmost care. Hence, technical experts suggest using a professional solution for successfully exporting Roundcube emails to MS Outlook.

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