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Convert your EML files to MBOX format through the professional software by Corbett. Conversion solution preferred by millions to convert specific or bulk EML file to MBOX format.

Compatible with all latest Windows OS

Virus & Safety Score: 100%

Why Choose Corbett EML to MBOX Converter Software?

eml to mbox conversion tool free demo
  • Convert EML to MBOX and Other Email Format: PST With Complete Data
  • Convert EML Files in Document Format: PDF, HTML, Text, vCard, CSV
  • Search Specific Email Items Like Email Address, Contacts, Attachments
  • Convert EML File to MBOX and Save on Local Hard Drive & Mail Application
  • Auto-Detection Email Server Address & Port Number of All Mail Application
  • Ability to Maintain 100% Data Integrity and Convert EML to MBOX Format
  • Bulk Convert Option to Convert Multiple EML Files into MBOX Format Easily
  • Capable to Convert All Mail Client EML Files into MBOX, ithout Data Loss
  • Download EML to MBOX Converter and Install on Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7 OS
Free Live Demo: – Corbett EML File to MBOX Converter Wizard Fully Secured Download Version

EML to MBOX Converter - Key Features

Know Capabilities of Corbett EML file to MBOX Converter Wizard

Maintain 100% Data Integrity & Export

Corbett EML to MBOX Converter tool ensures that the data integrity of your converted files is not affected after the conversion process. Special care and rigorous testing have been done to ensure that you will get exact EML data into MBOX format after conversion is done.

Bulk Convert EML to MBOX

Through this application, you can bulk convert multiple EML files into MBOX format. This utility lets you save a lot of time that otherwise would’ve been spent on converting the EML files one by one.

Keeps Folder Hierarchy Intact

A well-known problem in data management, in general, is the alteration of the original folder structure and hierarchy. But the Corbett EML to MBOX Converter software, however, has been designed in such a way that remains your data in the structure form and your files remain unaffected.

No Limit on the Amount of Data

The number of files that can be converted by this enterprise-level EML to the MBOX Converter Tool is unlimited. After extensive testing by our data professionals, we've determined that the tool can handle Terabytes of data.

Save Email Attachments & Items

The application is capable to extract EML containing items like email addresses, contacts, Phone number photos, and attachments. Users can easily take out any of the eml file elements by using this tool. Simply go to the 'Extract' section in the top left software interface, and from the drop-down list, choose a specific item that you want to get.

Works With Different Email Platforms

The EML to MBOX Converter works with a variety of email service providers as well IMAP servers. A few of these include Google Mail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail,, Import EML to Microsoft Outlook, iCloud, BlueHost, GoDaddy, Webmail, Workmail,, etc. You can easily complete EML to MBOX conversion by this tool.

Works With Varied OS Platforms

The EML to MBOX Converter runs on all the latest versions of Windows Operating Systems like Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit), 8, and 7. It is quite easy to perfrom EML Conversion by using this simple and straightforward utility. You can complete the export eml to mbox in simple steps.

Filters for Advanced Email Search

Only this EML to MBOX Conversion tool allows you to search an EML by providing the recipient's details such as From, To, Cc, Name, Subject, Date from, Time from, Has attachments, and so on. Users can search for specific emails depending on their saved data. This advanced search tool is far more beneficial than it is advised.

Download EML to MBOX Converter Tool

*The Demo version will only convert only 10 messages/folders for free.

EML File to MBOX Converter Software – Specifications

Understand The Hardware and Software Requirement to Launch EML file to MBOX Converter

eml to mbox conversion software free demo version

System Requirements

Processor 1 GHz Processor(Recommended - 2.4 GHz)

Operating System Windows 10(32/64 bit) & All Below Versions.

Memory 512 MB Minimum (1 GB recommended)

Hard Disk 100 MB of free space

Software Delivery

Electronic Yes

License & Version

Personal License Activation 2 PC / Laptop

Business License Activation For 10 PC / Laptop

Enterprise License Activation For Unlimited PC

Version 3.0

Interface Available

Language SupportedEnglish

Best EML to MBOX Converter – Top Features

Use the most recommended EML file to MBOX conversion tool to export your EML files into MBOX format without any hassles.

Convert Only Particular Email Items

Apart from converting whole EML file to MBOX format, the Corbett Software EML to MBOX conversion application also lets you convert particular email items:

  • Attachments: You can chose to take out just the attachments from your EML files.
  • Contacts: Users get the Feature to save & convert just the contacts from your EML files by using this EML to MBOX Converter tool.
  • Mail Address: Move just the email addresses from your EML files.
convert and move specificic email items like adress, contacts, etc.
Convert to different formats appart from MBOX

Convert EML Files to Multiple Formats

  • Use this EML to MBOX Converter to export files into document formats such as Portable Document Format, Hyper Text Markup Language, TEXT, and so on.
  • Move EML data to different webservers (Gmail, Office 365).
  • Convert EML Emails to Outlook supported files like PST, EML, MBOX, etc.

EML to MBOX Converter Wizard - Online Video

Click on the video below to learn how to convert EML files to MBOX format.

EML Files to MBOX Converter - Reviews

Know What Our Users are Saying About Corbett best EML to MBOX Converter

I wanted to convert my EML files into MBOX format as quickly as possible. Upon suggestion of a colleague I decide to give this EML to MBOX conversion tool a try. I think the application works really well, and I’m satisfied with it.

customer reviews

James Collins
IT Writer, UK

This EML to MBOX converter software is a great application for converting your EML files withthout any hassles. I had to convert multiple EML files into MBOX format. Upon the suggestion of my colleague, and suffice it say, I'm happy with the software.

user reviews

Christian Pjnaic
Web Developer, Netherlands

I give this application a rating of full stars. What I liked most about this software was its fast conversion rate and the simple interface. I really didn't face any trouble with using the tool anywhere, even though I know barely know anything about IT. I am lucky that I buy EML to MBOX converter full version.

customer reviews

Quina Frew
HR, Mexico

EML to MBOX Converter Software - FAQ

Know How to Convert EML data to MBOX Format Using Corbett Software

What are steps to convert EML file to MBOX format?

4 Simple Steps to Convert EML to MBOX Format:

  • Step 1: Install & launch the EML file to MBOX Converter Tool
  • Step 2: Click on Add > Open account to add the EML files.
  • Step 3: Choose the files or folders that you want to convert.
  • Step 4: Click on Export to finally convert your files.
Can you assure the converted files will be 100% intact?

Yes, the EML to MBOX Converter application promises 100% data integrity of converted data. There's also a 30-days money back guarantee if the tool fails to fulfill its applications.

I need to bulk convert my MBOX files into PDF format. Can I use this tool for this?

Yes, of course. Apart from simply converting EML files to MBOX, it can also convert it into multiple formats such as PDF, HTML, PST, CSV, etc.

Is it possible to convert EML files just by a particular email address?

Yes, in this .eml to .mbox converter application there's a feature to convert particular items of your emails like the email address, contacts, attachments, etc.