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MBOX to EML Converter

An enterprise application to convert MBOX Files to EML format. Now, you can batch export MBOX to EML file format. The application has been tested and certified to keep 100% data integrity and security.

Compatible with all latest Windows OS

Virus & Safety Score: 100%

Why Choose Corbett MBOX to EML Converter?

MBOX to EML Converter
  • Capable to Convert Multiple MBOX Files to EML, PST and other file formats.
  • Convert MBOX Files in Documents Format: PDF, CSV, vCard, HTML, Text
  • Maintains 100% Data Integrity and File Hierarchy of the Converted Files
  • Convert Specific MBOX Items: Attachments, Contacts, Email Addresses, & so on
  • Ability to Export MBOX to EML Format Containing Attachments Easily
  • Filter out emails To/From, Date, Subject, Cc, Name, Has attachments, and so on
  • MBOX to EML Converter provides you advance enable MBOX export options
  • Selective and Bulk MBOX file to EML conversion cab be done by this tool
  • User Can Download this MBOX to EML Converter on all Windows OS
Free Trail Edition: The Demo edition of MBOX file to EML Converter Wizard allows to convert only 10 data files

MBOX to EML Converter Software - Features

Understand The Software Capabilities While Exporting MBOX file to EML Format

Convert Batch MBOX Files to EML Format

This MBOX data to EML Converter software provides you with double mode to upload the MBOX files into the Software’s panel. By choosing the files and folders options, you can convert MBOX file to EML in bulk or selective without any worry.

Keep the Converted EML Files With You

With this Tool, you can easily perform conversion of MBOX files to EML format without any hassles. Apart from simple conversions, you can also move them to your local drive, or different local service providers.

Maintains 100% Data Integrity

A huge issue with file conversions is its susceptibility to loss of crucial email information. Keeping in this mind, at Corbett Software, we’ve specifically designed an MBOX to EML Converter tool that will convert MBOX files to EML format without such issues.

Preview MBOX Files and Convert

There’s a feature in the MBOX to EML Converter tool that lets you preview all the MBOX files before you go ahead with the conversion. There are many different views available such as Hex view, Raw message, Content, etc.

Convert Files with Attachments

Apart from converting simple Export MBOX to EML format, the tool also provides a feature that lets you convert email files along with various attachments such as contacts, email addresses, etc.

Maintains Folder Hierarchy Intact

After performing conversions through various manual methods and low-quality conversion tools, the resultant EML files often end with altered file structures and folder hierarchy. The Corbett Software MBOX to EML conversion tool has been designed in such a way that no such issues arise in front of our users.

Convert MBOX Files to Multiple Formats

With the MBOX to EML file conversion tool, not only can you easily convert your MBOX files to EML format, but you also get the feature to change it into various formats such as Portable Document Format, Personal Storage Table, Convert MBOX to Comma-Separated Values Format , HTML. This makes the application a one-stop solution for all your MBOX to EML conversion worries.

Auto-Detect Server Address

The software contains advanced features that automatically detect the email server address & port number of the email, once the user enters the email credentials. This way, you can focus to get your work done and leave the technicalities of converting MBOX to EML format to us.

Advance Search Operators

With the Corbett MBOX to EML Converter tool, you get the ability to search your email files with the help of search filters to sort your email files. These include, but are not limited to Contacts, Addresses, Dates, To/From, Subject, etc.

Convert Only Selected Email Files

With this MBOX to EML Converter Software, you can easily convert only a specific set of files that you want to, as opposed to an all-or-nothing approach of converting only a single file, or a whole folder at once.

Download MBOX to EML Conversion Tool

*The Demo version will only convert 10 messages/folders for free.

MBOX to EML Converter Software – Requirements

Understand Minimum Software and Hardware Requirement to Run Corbett Software

free MBOX to EML conversion

System Requirements

Processor 1 GHz Processor(Recommended - 2.4 GHz)

Operating System Windows 10(32/64 bit) & All Below Versions.

Memory 512 MB Minimum (1 GB is recommended)

Hard Disk 100 MB of free space

Software Delivery

Electronic Yes

License & Version

Personal License Activation for 2 PC / Laptop

Business License Activation For 10 PC / Laptop

Enterprise License Activation For Unlimited PC

Version 3.0

Interface Available

Language SupportedEnglish

MBOX to EML Converter Wizard

Learn what makes the CorbettSoftware MBOX File to EML conversion tool the choice of millions of happy users, and why you too should choose this tool to convert MBOX emails to EML format,

mbox to eml conversion software free version

Handle All MBOX to EML Alterations at One Place

Here's what you can accomplish with the MBOX file to EML conversions:

  • Convert single or multiple MBOX to EML files at once.
  • With MBOX to EML Converter Alter complete folders at once.
  • Preview the MBOX emails before going ahead with the conversion.
  • Compatible with 100+ different email service providers.
  • Maintain the file hierarchy of your converted email files.

Take Out Specific Items From Emails

With the MBOX to EML conversion tool, you will be able to convert other data files also along with emails, attachments,calendars, etc.

  • Email Address: With the MBOX to EML converter wizard, you can simply extricate the mail address that you need to keep a record of.
  • Attachments: With the .mbox file to .eml conversion tool, you can simply take out the specific attachments from your email files.
  • Contacts: Pull out all the important contacts data from your MBOX email data and store it in your system.
convert specific items from mbox to eml
transfer & convert mbox to eml file format

Move Your Emails to Different Locations

Apart from simply converting MBOX to EML files format, with this tool, you can also move your files to the following places:

  • Local Drive: Convert & move the MBOX files to your PC by using the Browse option in the MBOX to EML Converter.
  • To Different Mail Client: Transfer your files to different email service providers like Import MBOX File to Gmail Account, Office 365, etc. After converting them.

Filter Your Emails Before Conversion

Now, you can go more specific with your email files:

  • Sort your emails by a specific date range before going ahead with the conversions.
  • Convert emails only with a particular email address.
  • Find emails through the To/From filter in the MBOX to EML Converter.
filter before performing mbox to eml conversions

MBOX File to EML Converter Tool - Online Video

Learn how to change MBOX files to EML file format with the help of the Corbett MBOX to EML converter software.

MBOX to EML Converter Tool - Reviews

What Users Are Saying After Using This Corbett Software

With this MBOX to EML Converter tool tool by Corbett Software, I easily managed to convert and move my Thunderbird MBOX files to EML. I would recommend this application to anyone who is looking for an MBOX file to EML conversion tool.

customer reviews

Jiang Lee
Developer, Canada

I wanted to keep my Opera email files in my Outlook account. After sifting through multiple solutions available online, I decided to go with this MBOX to EML conversion tool. Obviously, I'm happy with my purchase. Recommend this app to everyone.

user reviews

Mike Harris
Technical Writer, USA

I wanted to shift my email account to Outlook from Thunderbird. But for that, I had to first convert my Thunderbird mail to EML format. I used this MBOX to EML converter tool by CorbettSoftware for this. Amazing software!

customer reviews

Joanna Pence
CRM Manager, France

FAQs – MBOX to EML Converter Software

Know How to Use Corbett Software to Convert MBOX file to EML Format

What's the working procedure of this tool to convert MBOX Email to EML format?

Follow the number of steps to execute conversion process:

  1. Download and Install the MBOX to EML Converter tool.
  2. Click on Open Tab and select Email Data files.
  3. Upload MBOX File to the software panel.
  4. Apply the data filters and click on Save button.
Is there any file size limitation while converting data files?

No, the tool has been designed to work with even terabytes of data that once.

Does this tool work with Eudora?

Yes, the Corbett MBOX to EML converter software is will surely work with it. Moreover, it is compatible with 100+ different email service providers.

Can I convert my email files with this demo version?

Yes, it is possible. However, the demo version can only convert 10 files/folder. This severely limits the MBOX to EML conversion capabilities.