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Zimbra Backup Tool

The Zimbra Cloud Mail Backup wizard is an efficient solution for downloading Zimbra emails in various document formats and file extensions. It is a must-have utility for all Zimbra webmail users. The software offers advanced features to meet all the requirements of the end-user.

Compatible with all latest Windows OS

Virus & Safety Score: 100%

Why Choose Corbett Zimbra Cloud Mail Backup Tool?

  • Download Zimbra Mail Server Data to Local Computer
  • Archive Multiple Zimbra Mail Profile Data in One Go
  • Backup Zimbra Mailbox Data into 20+ distinct formats
  • Software keep downloaded data with exact formatting
  • Facilitate option for selected Zimbra mail server backup
  • Offers Advance Search Filter to Explore Zimbra Database
  • Zimbra backup tool maintain data formatting with File Naming Options
  • Save Zimbra Mail Directly to Gmail, AOL, Office 365 and other formats
  • Separate Option to Export Zimbra Email Address and Phone Numbers
  • Zimbra Backup and Restore Wizard is Compatible with all Windows OS
Free Live Demo: The demo version of Zimbra backup tool allows to save only 10 data files.

Prime Features of Zimbra Mail Server Backup Tool

Understand Key-Features of Zimbra Webmail Backup Software

Advance Backup Software

(Zimbra Collaboration Suite) ZCS Backup Wizard is a professional toolkit that simplifies the process to backup Zimbra emails with attributes. It comes out with all the latest features as per users' requirements. Also, the email backup tool maintains data integrity throughout the process.

Offers Multiple Saving Option

Users are free to download Zimbra mailbox data in various file formats by using an automated solution. The Zimbra open source backup tool provides 20+ file formats and 100+ web applications to store data files. Apart from that, any new user can perform the process without any external help.

Save Zimbra to Email Providers

Whether you want to switch or you can want to take a backup of Zimbra mailbox. The Zimbra backup tool meets all your data transfer requirements. Zimbra cloud mail backup wizard enables the user to archive mailbox data directly to cloud platforms.

Preview Mailbox Data Files

The Zimbra Mail Server Backup Wizard is a unique solution that allows users to preview all data files before backup files. Also, users can sort email files to preview any email, double-click on it, and the software will generate the preview.

Mailbox Filter Option

You can select the mail data filter if a user wants to backup Zimbra emails of a limited range. This option lets the user specify the date, time, year of emails. In addition, users can sort email data with an advance search filter to backup selected or specific email data files.

Save Output to Source Location

Another useful feature available in the Zimbra backup tool is saving the output to the desired location. The software allows you to store the output in the desktop location by default. Also, the user can browse the location and save the output to the source location for good.

Download Zimbra Backup Tool on Windows OS

*The Demo version will only backup 10 messages/folders for free.

Zimbra Backup and Restore - System Requirements

Software and Hardware Requirement to Launch This Zimbra Backup Tool

free Zimbra backup software demo version

System Requirements

Processor 1 GHz Processor(Recommended - 2.4 GHz)

Operating System Windows 10, 11 (32/64 bit) & All Below Versions.

Memory 512 MB Minimum (1 GB is recommended)

Hard Disk 100 MB of free space

Software Delivery

Electronic Yes

License & Version

Personal License Activation for 2 PC / Laptop

Business License Activation For 10 PC / Laptop

Enterprise License Activation For Unlimited PC

Version 4.0

Interface Available

Language SupportedEnglish

Advanced Functionality of Zimbra Backup Tool

Thousands of users prefer the Zimbra Converter Tool. One can avail of multiple benefits by installing the demo edition of the software. Let's look at the benefits a user gets while using Zimbra Cloud Mail Backup Software.

Zimbra Mail backup solutions at one place

Complete Zimbra Webmail Backup in Few Clicks

One-stop solution for Zimbra Mailbox backup:

  • Transfer Zimbra mail data to multiple email providers.

  • Provide an option to save mailbox files in document formats.

  • Zimbra Cloud Mail Backup Tool Facilitate the option to sort emails with attachments.

Special Features of Zimbra Open Source Backup Tool

Here is what you can do by using Zimbra Backup Tool:

  • Separate option to backup Zimbra contacts and email address.

  • Backup Zimbra Emails with No file size restrictions

  • Download multiple Zimbra profile data at once.
features of Zimbra mail backup tool
move Zimbra mail data from one server to another server

Zimbra Backup Tool - Saving Options

Perfect solution for every user to backup Zimbra emails:

  • Zimbra Webmail Backup allows to store data directly to mail servers iCloud, Lycos, Webmail, WorkMail

  • Provides easy-to-use Graphical interface to backup Zimbra mailbox.

  • Zimbra Cloud Mail Backup Tool Only Requires Zimbra Credentials or TGZ file to start the process.

Zimbra Mail Server Backup Wizard | Online Tutorial

As mentioned above, the Zimbra Open Source Backup Tool has several advanced functions to execute them precisely. Users can watch the mentioned video for good.

Zimbra Webmail Backup Tool - Saving Options

To explore the data saving options of Zimbra Backup Tool, you can refer to the mentioned post

Client Reviews of Zimbra Backup Tool

Know What our Customers Say After Using the Toolkit

After searching a lot on technical forums on how to take Zimbra webmail backup, I come across this Zimbra Cloud Mail Backup Wizard that enables me to download my Zimbra data file without any error or external support. Thanks for this fantastic solution.

customer reviews

Hudson Canner
Software Engineer, UK

This Zimbra mail server backup wizard deserves a 5-star rating on its excellent performance while backing up Zimbra. The advanced search filter helps me find my important emails, and the best part of the software is that it allows to save selected emails files.

user reviews

Thomas Armstrong
Data Analyst, London

I tried the demo edition of Zimbra backup tool, and believe me. It is one solution with multiple benefits. Users can directly transfer their data files to 100+ mail applications, and the software's graphical interface is easy to use.

customer reviews

Gemmy Simpson
React Developer
Zimbra Mailbox Backup Tool - Common FAQ's
Can you elaborate on the working process of the Zimbra Open Source Backup Tool?

Follow the mentioned steps to Backup Zimbra Emails:

  • Install and Run Zimbra Webmail Backup Software.
  • Click on the Open tab and load Zimbra data from an email account or server tab.
  • The software scans and generates a complete preview of data files.
  • Now apply the data filters and select the appropriate option for data backup.
  • The last step is to click on the Save button.
I have over 1000 Zimbra emails stored in my Zimbra Collaboration Suite account, and I want to keep them in offline mode. Is it possible to download my emails from ZCS using Zimbra backup tool?

Yes, user can download their email data from their ZSC account. The ZCS backup wizard offers multiple file extensions to save output without any restrictions.

I am not able to transfer more than 10 data files. What happens?

You are probably using the demo edition of Zimbra Backup Wizard to transfer unlimited data files. One can activate the licensed version.

Is it possible to transfer data from two Zimbra accounts to another email application?

Yes, the Zimbra webmail backup software allows you to transfer multiple profile data at once to the required format.